In today’s society, speaking about and discussing rehabilitation and issues people face is often considered a taboo subject that people try to avoid. When we avoid topics such as rehabilitation and seeking help, we place a stigma on those who need help and often make it unlikely that those who need help pursue it due to the scrutiny they may face. 

With so many beneficial resources and outlets to get help, many people who are in dire straits are often forced into rehab after experiencing a sudden disaster that ends up with them in the hospital. They hide their issues and addictions until it’s too late. Some of the most common instances of this are often celebrities we hear of on the news who overdose on drugs and are rushed to the hospital. While it may put a damper on their career for a while, the stories of success and comebacks these 7 celebrities will inspire hope that no matter what someone has gone through, there is always hope for the future. 

1. Demi Lovato

One of the more recent and well-known cases of a celebrity addict, Demi Lovato has had several experiences with rehab and past with drug abuse. After an especially dangerous and nearly fatal overdose in 2018, Demi was rushed to the hospital where she remained for two weeks before being transferred to rehab for an additional 60 days. Unlike many celebrities, Demi has a history of being very open about her drug use and mental health issues which she has had issues with for many years. She had been sober for a while before her recent overdose but cut off ties with her team recently before the dangerous overdose. With much of her music revolving around her addiction and mental health issues, Lovato has been an advocate for awareness and speaking up about personal issues that have inspired many to seek help and quit drug use. Ever since her overdose in 2018 Lovato has been helping other rehab patients to get back on their feet and has remained sober ever since.

2. Robert Downey Jr.

Often known for his loud personality and his role as Ironman in multiple movies, it is hard to believe that at one point this actor was a convict of multiple drug and alcohol related felonies that landed him in prison when trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood. After his wife created an ultimatum and demand he get help, Downey’s life hit a tuning point that got him back on his feet and in the right direction. Having a criminal record and a bad history of addiction made finding any job difficult for RDJ but having the drive to get better and refresh his life with the help of an acting job is what allowed him to turn his destructive habits into positive room for growth.  After dropping his old habits and landing his first major role in a Mel Gibson movie, Downey’s life changed forever, and the rest is history as Downey has become one of the most recognizable and well-regarded actors who is known for his comedy and dedication to his art.

3. Elton John

With the recent release of his biopic “Rocketman” and becoming an advocate for HIV and AIDS help, Elton John has brought light to his past experiences with drugs and alcohol. As he toured the world and made millions performing in his extravagant manner, Elton faced major drug and alcohol issues that caused him to overdose and suffer serious illness as a result of his drug problems. After one especially bad experience, Elton decided to get help and admitted himself into a facility that would provide him the help he needed. Going from lavish parties and weeks where he would be intoxicated for days into sobriety was initially very difficult for Elton but he was able to find solace in his music which was later inspired by his rising out of drug addiction. Ever since Elton has been an advocate for rehab and seeking help and has been sober for the past 29 years. 

4. George Carlin

The famous comedian who has a history of being very open about his drug use has a history of heavy drug use as well as alcohol and marijuana usage that are often the subject of his jokes and routines. Unlike many who were forced into rehab by an overdose or hospital visit, Carlin checked himself into rehab by himself after he decided that his problem was becoming an issue and no longer wanted to deal with the negative side effects. After he went to rehab Carlin has stayed clean off the hardest drugs he has used and warns others of the impact drugs can have on your life if you use them without thinking of the long-term consequences. Even as one of the world’s most popular and respected comedians Carlin still had to deal with the struggles of addiction and couldn’t get rid of the grip of substances through comedy alone. 

5. Mariah Carey 

With the previous celebrities all facing issues with drugs and substances, Mariah Carey faced issues that were a result of her bipolar disorder. Living the celebrity lifestyle and having the constant pressure to put on her to perform shows and make new music has been taking a toll on Mariah for years which all caused her to and seek help with dealing with her mental condition. After attending rehab and working with a leading mental health retreat Mariah was able to better understand herself and how to better deal with her mental condition. Mariah serves as a great example of someone who doesn’t show signs of her struggle but suffers in silence without anyone seeing or knowing of her medical condition. As with many mental conditions that go unseen many people were unable to recognize the issues Mariah was having so taking it on herself to find the help she needed was a very brave decision at a time when mental issues were seen as something that nobody talked about.

6. Lindsay Lohan 

Lindsay Lohan started as a child actress for the Disney channel and started her career very young with lots of media attention that followed her as she grew up. With all the media and pressure on her to put out content, she slowly grew into an addict of alcohol and substances that caused her to get arrested and forced into rehab several times over her career. With her drunk driving and misdemeanors adding up, Lohan had to go to rehab six times on a court order and remain sober for 15 months. Going from a child celebrity to a convict and drug addict shows how the pressure of the acting industry often causes people to turn to drugs and alcohol to deal with the stress of stardom. Today Lohan is living a much more muted lifestyle than her previous self and has been able to have a second chance at life after being able to learn from her past mistakes and rehab opportunities to create a future for herself producing her own material and rebranding her view in the mind of others. 

7. Ben Affleck

As the actor who most recently portrayed batman, Ben Affleck seems like a levelheaded man who has his life together and would never succumb to the pressures of alcohol. However, back in the late 90s Affleck faced some serious issues with alcohol and decided that he needed help to get rid of his dependency on alcohol. After realizing that he needed to change his ways, Affleck decided to remain sober until he eventually went back to his old ways and unfortunately has been admitted to rehab two more times since his initial attempt in 2001. While he has had issues staying sober in the past, Affleck is a great example of how the most respected and praised stars are only human and can also fall back on old habits that can be very difficult to let go of. 


With so many factors influencing the lives of stars and everyday people alike, it can be reasonable to assume that at some point in life everyone has issues coping and it takes a lot of bravery to get the help that they need. However, to see what some of these seven stars have been through in their own lives and the addictions and troubles they’ve had makes it seem like anyone can become susceptible to the struggles of addiction and mental health. 

It also proves that anyone and everyone can be affected by addition. It doesn’t discriminate based on income, race, fame or anything else. It proves, too, that anyone can overcome addiction, even in the face of intense media scrutiny. 

So, if celebrities can find a way to ignore the media and get the help they need then so can you so never be afraid to ask for help because nobody can go at life alone no matter the career or the lifestyle.

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