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7 Tips for Decorating a Large Living Room

A standard living room can cost approximately $14,400 to furnish. However, trying to fill a large space with furniture isn’t an effective use of your budget.

With these seven tips for decorating a large living room, you can make the most of your furnishing budget—and stay on budget.

That way, you can design a gorgeous living room and take advantage of all that lovely space. Keep reading for our guide on how to decorate a great room!

1. Use Natural Light

Blocking natural light can make a large space seem small and uninviting. 

When decorating a large living room, try to incorporate natural light. According to this study from Architectural Lighting, natural light can also benefit human health.

Try using sheers instead of thick drapery to let light in.

2. Don’t Line the Walls

Lining the walls with furniture and sticking to the perimeter can also make a large space seem smaller.

Instead, give your furniture some breathing room. When decorating a large living room, leave space near the walls. This will make the room seem more expansive. 

You can also “float” a few pieces. This will create the illusion that the room is less cramped, even with a lot of furniture.

3. Take Advantage of Color & Patterns

Even in a larger room, too much color can appear overbearing. When you’re getting ready to decorate a room, plan a color scheme.

You can also choose bulky furnishings in neutral colors, then use pillows and other accessories to add a pop of accent color. 

4. Go Big on Decor Elements

You should resist the urge to clutter a room with tiny items. Instead of choosing smaller decor elements, go big on these items instead.

For example, add one large potted plant instead of four smaller ones.

You can also add vases and large artwork to enhance your space.

5. Use Groups of Three

When adding decorative elements, use groups of three. 

Putting three vases or three photo frames together will draw the eye towards the grouping as one item. That way, people don’t get lost looking around. This approach also makes a room appear less cluttered.  

6. Create Individual Spaces

Trying to decide what to do with extra living room space? Organize your space with smaller “zones” to make the space appear large and open.

For example, you can use a shelf as a room divider to create a small reading area in your living room. 

Rugs can also help you define these individual spaces.

7. Keep it to Scale

If you have a large living room but low ceilings, try to keep the furnishings low as well. Scale these furnishings to the room and create the appearance of more space. 

Companies like Luminaire can help you find the perfect furnishings to make the most of your space.

Use These Design Tips for Decorating a Large Living Room Today!

Make the most of your space with these seven creative design tips for decorating a large living room. You can design a living room family members and guests alike love!

Make sure to check the lifestyle section of our blog for more tips. 

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