Each term, about 7,000 to 8,000 cases get filed with the Supreme Court in the United States.

Many are important but have only administrative value. Others make the headlines but do not change the life of the average citizen. 

We have researched to find the cases that will have an impact on our lives and the lives of our family members. 

In some cases, they affect legislature. In other cases, they affect human rights. In all cases, they affect the constitution of the United States

Check out our list of important upcoming Supreme Court cases that could directly impact your family.

The Powers of Federal Agencies

James Kisor is a war veteran who is pursuing a case against the Department of Veteran Affairs.

He is pursuing the claim that some laws are deliberately vague. He claims that courts and government agencies are collaborating. They wait until specific cases to make application of the vague law in courtroom settings.

Why would they do this? This clarification of the law comes at a later stage. At this time courts and agencies are freed from public notice-and-comment procedures. In short, they decide the application of the law and hand down judgment away from the government regulatory systems.

If the Supreme Court decides this to be true, it would restrict courts and agencies. They would need to provide clearer direction from the beginning. This is even the case when its final application may not be clear.

Reports indicate that the Trump administration is against this restriction of court power.

Added Question to the 2020 Census

The census planned for 2020 is under discussion in the US Supreme court. 18 US states are challenging the addition of a citizenship question to the census.

They believe that communities with a high number of immigrants will deliberately avoid the census. This single question could lead to incorrect reporting and they’re missing out on government funding.

These states argue that this could be Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s goal. Lower level courts have already judged on this matter. They found that Mr. Ross was personally involved.

Reports indicate his involvement to “an extraordinary degree” in the decision to add the question. 


The courts will consider a case of national importance based on redistricting decisions. The state of Maryland is the basis for this case.

The justices will consider whether political elements could be trying to use redistricting to benefit their individual parties.

The opposition is accusing that they have the purpose of creating districts with a partisan voter base. Courts decided that the 6th congressional district became Democratic after such a redistricting.

If they prove this to be true in the Supreme Court, the court could rule that this is unconstitutional 

Ban on Transgender Persons in Military

The Supreme Court will hear the appeal of 3 transgender persons serving in the military. The Trump administration has already introduced the ban on transgender persons. These three appeals are hindering its enforcement.

The military says that transgender people have a negative effect on the military. They say they constitute “a threat to readiness, good order and discipline, sound leadership, and unit cohesion”. The Pentagon even adds that they could challenge the “lethality” of US military forces.

This is a debate which highly polarizes people and will likely lead to strong emotions before the court day. The Supreme Court will likely make a decision before the end of December.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

The Obama administration brought in legislation which protected the so-called “Dreamers”. These are the children of immigrants who came to the US at a very young age. This legislation was then phased out by the Trump administration. However, not all states agree with the decision to remove it.

The states of New York and California have appealed against its cancellation. This has led to a delay in the enforcement of its cancellation on a national scale. 

The conclusion of this case will affect the lives of some 800.000 persons, including many adults. It also influences the view of those against the immigrant policies introduced by the Trump administration.

Gun Transportation

The supreme court will consider a challenge to the transport of guns to New York City firing ranges. Owners can no longer carry locked, licensed and unloaded guns outside the city.

The city enforced the ban to prevent an increase in the carrying of firearms in the city. There are six firing ranges in the city limits, with one located in each borough. The city authorities are attempting to prevent firearms from traveling over long distances.

Many see this as an important case as it is the first gun rights case Justice Brett Kavanaugh will hear since coming to the bench. His record in the lower courts indicates that he has an expansive view of gun rights. This is a case that will influence both gun law and public opinion of Justice Kavanaugh.

Specialty License Plates

An ongoing issue in the Supreme Court is the matter of personalized license plates.

We are all familiar with many bright and colorful specialty license plates available. However, many believe the inclusion of the Confederate flag symbol to be a step too far.

This has led to its exclusion from the list of acceptable specialty license plates. Those who Oppose this exclusion view it as an incursion of freedom of expression.

Each license plate is government approved. Because of this many see this as more than an issue regarding license plates. They see it as a discussion on what constitutes private speech and government speech.

The fact that this case has been brought as far as the Supreme Court has caused many to consider the message on their license plate. Many are even considering its value and asking, “what is my number plate worth?”

How to Follow Upcoming Supreme Court Cases

You may not have consistently followed Supreme Court Cases in the past. However, they have a consistent impact on important matters in the US.

Why not follow our legal blog to receive the latest news from the upcoming Supreme Court Cases that matter most. 

You will be informed apply to make opinions based on sounds political reporting.

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