Experts found that about 66 percent of companies plan to invest in mobile applications. They expect this number to stay on the rise for the upcoming years.

Have you considered investing in a mobile app for your business? If not, you shouldn’t keep putting off improving your online and mobile presence. Don’t think your business will benefit from having its own mobile app?

We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you all about the benefits of business mobile apps and why you should consider getting yours today. Read on to learn more.

Are Business Mobile Apps a Must for Any Enterprise?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or experienced business owner. Today, you must always consider ways to improve your business online and mobile presence. Mobile applications for businesses are great tools to connect with your audience and expand your market reach.

You don’t need to code or do it yourself. It’s recommended that you hire the right App Developers to design a custom app built for your audience.

Like in every marketing strategy, your mobile app must fit your business and brand. Applying a one-size fits all approach when developing your app won’t help you expand your reach.

The benefits of a business mobile app make it a necessity to grow in today’s market. Not sure how a mobile app can help your company grow? Here are 7 advantages of mobile apps that should motivate you to start developing your app today.

1. Build Your Brand

Mobile app services can help you build your brand. It doesn’t matter if you’re establishing a brand or want to rebrand your business. Either way, the right mobile app can grab the attention of potential customers.

Consumers spend about 86 hours on their smartphones every month. To get your app in front of your potential consumers, you must make sure your mobile app ranks well in their category. A good starting point is looking at your competitors’ apps.

In what categories are they ranking? Take a look at their design and the number of app downloads. Use this information as inspiration for your app design.

2. Increase Your Customer Engagement

Today, customers want to reach businesses and engage with them constantly. Getting a business mobile app can increase your customer engagement. Your audience can reach you through your app.

You should consider adding automated messaging bots, chat, scheduling, and contact us functionalities to your app to increase your engagement. Also, you can connect your social media pages to your app to promote customer engagement in those channels.

3. Separate Your Business from Your Competitors

While mobile apps are common for big companies such as Walmart, Macys, Target, among others. Most small businesses don’t have their own mobile app. If you own a small business, developing your own mobile app can separate your company from your competitors.

Many businesses and restaurants are harnessing the power of online scheduling through using Google Booking, OpenTable, among other options. You should consider offering your customers scheduling their services or consultation calls as one of your mobile app services.

4. Develop Your Direct Marketing Channel

One of the biggest benefits of a business mobile app is marketing straight to your customer. Some businesses allow their mobile app users to place orders and purchase their services. You should consider including similar options in your app.

Some companies offer special offers for online purchases. You should consider offering special sales and discounts to your mobile app customers. These strategies will allow you to increase your sales due to the ease and convenience of mobile checkout.

5. Provide Value to Your Audience

Some people say value wins today’s marketing game. Mobile apps aren’t an exemption to this rule. What are your customer needs?

How can you fix their everyday problems? These questions can help you develop the best content for your mobile app.

You may think that you only have to create relevant content for your blog. But, you should be creating great content for all your marketing channels.

Your mobile app is one of the most important marketing channels. Remember you have total control of your content and direct contact with your audience in this marketing channel.

6. Increase Your Customer Loyalty

Have you established your own customer loyalty program? If you haven’t, you should get on it as soon as possible. Big players such as Target developed loyalty programs that use their mobile app.

You should consider adding this option as one of your mobile app services. Keep in mind that you don’t have to include this type of program in your app to increase your customer loyalty.

Having a great mobile app that provides value to your customer is enough to grab their attention and become their go-to business.

7. Connect with Your Customer 24/7

Mobile and online platforms allow you to connect with your customer 24/7. Potential customers can be learning more about your services and business while you sleep.

You should keep in mind that your app design must fit your audience to create a real connection. Remember your app works as your virtual location.

Your customer must feel that your business is the same online and offline. Uniformity in your branding will allow you to create a real connection with your customer 24/7.

The Bottom Line

Many business owners underestimate the power of going mobile. Having business mobile apps can put your products or services in front of many more customers than a billboard. It’s essential to design your app aimed at your audience.

Focus on using an attention-grabbing design and useful functions in your app. Don’t forget that you’re looking for customers to stay along for the ride. A great strategy is focusing on providing value to your audience.

What information do they need? Are they looking for certain products or services? You should consider including social media sharing and contact us options to grow your traffic.

Also, you should consider your mobile app as a companion to your website. Design your app with this vision in mind to improve functionality and expand your reach.

Want to learn more about how you can use apps in your business? Check out our Mobile and Apps section for more interesting articles.

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