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7 Wonderful Christian Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

It is estimated that the number of Christians is almost 31.2% of the world’s population. With this given number, there is a big possibility that you have a treasured Christian friend. At one point you will think of presenting them with a gift whether on a Christmas holiday or as a token of appreciating their friendship.

How do you select that perfect gift that is in line with their beliefs? Check out these wonderful Christian gift ideas sure to inspire joy into their day.


The Bible is one of the most treasured books by Christian believers. It symbolizes the uniqueness of God, the bringer of light and deliverer from sin. It also brings hope for those in despair and inspires those who seem lost to find their way.

Nothing will be much appreciated than the bible for your Christian buddy. They might own a bible but you can gift them with a different version that they don’t own.

Devotional Books

There is a possibility that you have a friend in need of finding their way in religion. Gifting them a devotional book can be a non-verbal way of helping them through their search for spiritual nourishment.

Devotional books encourage people in a variety of ways depending on their situation and this would be one of the few Christian gift ideas for your friend.

Spiritually Inspiring Fridge Magnet Set

As a gift Fridge magnet sets are very noticeable pieces that when placed on the fridge doors one cannot miss the readings on it. Ensure that the Fridge magnet has some powerful inspiration quotes for your friend to use as a daily anchor.

Get Inspirational Mugs

Inspirational Mugs can come in a Christian Gift basket or just on its own. This will be your decision to make. Having a mug inscribed with inspiring words can remind that person how you care for them. Reading these moving words every morning while having breakfast can be just what they need to make their day feel good.

Christian Themed Wall Art

Consider getting a Christain themed piece of wall art as a gift which is inspiring and beautiful to look at. This gift can lighten up your friend’s house or office and also strengthen their Christian belief.

A Crucifix Necklace

The cross is a symbol that represents Christianity and the death of Jesus Christ. Using a crucifix necklace is good Christian gift idea for your friend. It will make them have the confidence they’re protected by the presence of the lord.

They can use it as an anchor whenever they feel uncertain about life challenges.

Scriptures on a Wall Calendar

This is a good way to have your friend appreciate and remember you whenever they use the calendar quoted with words from the bible. Be it in the office or at home they will always have the word of God to guide them. Inspirational scripted calendars will always have a theme for the month to help your friend move forward.

Christian Gift Ideas

The word of God never changes but our interpretation does change every day. The best way to inspire change is definitely by reading inspirational quotes and what a way to do it from something that will be forever in your presence. Personal Christian gifts can be just the answer.

For more Christian gift ideas visit our website to select the best gift for both men and women. Read more about faith-based living and how to make decisions in life from our blog.

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