While heart conditions and cancer get a lot of attention when it comes to how they affect lives, injuries are the leading causes of death for people under 44 years of age. Many leave accidents with their lives but several never get over the effects that unfortunate events like slips, car crashes and other common incidents create.

For those of you that are struggling with a personal injury and are considering filing an injury lawsuit, you must stay organized as you build your case. Among the many pitfalls that you should avoid while pursuing compensation, our team feels that these eight mistakes are what you should avoid the most.

1. Not Contacting a Lawyer

Whether you need a corporate negligence attorney, a truck accident attorney or any other attorney for your particular case, the fact remains that if you’re injured, you need to contact a lawyer.

So many people look at attorney’s fees and feel they might be able to make out better by self-managing their cases. Those people often find that they’re unable to negotiate the settlements they deserve.

Personal injury attorneys spend their lives learning the legal system and, despite what they charge if they win your case, will maximize your injury lawsuit results.

2. Neglecting to Collect Evidence

It can be hard to keep collecting evidence at the top of mind when you’ve just been in an accident. While skilled attorneys and their teams can find evidence pertaining to your case after the fact, there’s nothing more helpful than evidence that’s present just after negligence has taken place.

Take pictures of your car wreck, record where you slipped, ask for eye-witnesses’ phone numbers. The more information you can accumulate, the easier time your lawyer will have when negotiating your settlement.

3. Failing to See a Doctor

Even if you feel okay after an accident, you should see a physician to get checked out. There are two primary reasons for that…

First, how you feel after an accident isn’t telling of how you might feel a couple of days after an accident. Second, if you sue for injuries and it’s discovered that you didn’t see a doctor after those injuries took place, insurance providers could use that as evidence against you.

4. Not Seeking Secondary/Specialist Options

Having your general practitioner look over your injuries is a good initial course of action. From there, consider seeing a specialist who may be able to provide a more detailed report on bone, muscle, nerve, psychological or other damages you may have incurred in your accident.

If the medical report you get doesn’t help your case, talk to your lawyer and have them direct you to physicians that are more practiced in managing injury cases. All it takes is one qualified doctor’s opinion to help float your claim.

5. Underrepresenting Financial Loses

The amount of money your lawyer fights for when getting your injury compensation isn’t arbitrary. That number is based on the medical expenses you’ve incurred, lost wages and damaged future earning potential.

To land on a number that embodies those factors, you will need to supply your lawyer with as much information as possible about how you were affected financially by your accident. When you do this, be sure to dig deep. Even a small oversight could cost you thousands of dollars when all is said and done.

6. Worrying About a Jury Trial

One of the most common fears we hear when people consider filing an injury lawsuit is needing to appear in front of a jury. While we understand that being in a jury trial seems intimidating, it’s important to note that injury cases almost never go to trial.

Going to trial eats up your time, your lawyer’s time and the opposing legal team’s time. All of that costs money that nobody wants to spend. Consequently, all parties will be highly motivated to strike a deal.

On the off chance that you do end up in court, your attorney should be willing and prepared to represent you in that setting.

7. Settling Too Soon

It can be tempting to settle quickly when chasing down injury compensation. After all, while your lawyer is negotiating, the bills you have to pay for your lifestyle expenses don’t stop coming in.

Fight that temptation to settle and do whatever you can to give your lawyer the time he/she needs to work. By being patient, you increase your odds of raising your settlement offer.

8. Pushing Yourself Rather Than Minding Your Heath

We’ve known people that push through their pain after injuries because they feel they need to take charge of their lives. Not only does that put them at a greater health risk but it can also risk them their settlements if an opposing party notices that overexertion.

Our advice to you is to lay low and focus on your health when you’re in the middle of pursuing injury compensation. Doing so will help your case and your well-being.

Never Fight an Injury Lawsuit Alone

While our team takes pride in offering advice to people that need it, when it comes to an injury lawsuit, no publication can replace the advice of an attorney.

We recommend you contact one as early in your lawsuit process as possible so you can turn the wheel over to them and watch as they get your life back on track.

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