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8+ Essential Clothing Items to Bring to Alaska

Are you planning a trip to Alaska? Whether you are coming on a vacation, or plan to spend a long time in this beautiful state, you should know that it has a specific climate.

That is why the keyword when it comes to dressing for Alaska is layering. It is always better to have extra layers at the grasp of your hands then to risk being cold or getting wet. Here are the essential clothing items you should have when going to Alaska.

1.    Long Underwear

Don’t take us for old people that haven’t heard of 21st-century fashion! Joking aside, there is a reason why you should have an inner layer of clothing while in Alaska. The idea is to keep you dry in case of the rain and ensure maximum comfort at all times.

You can choose between modern pieces of long underwear so that you can feel cool while wearing them. However, make sure that the clothing item is also of premium quality so that it can keep you warm and dry. You should also aim for quick-drying underwear that you can wash in a machine.

2.    Snow-Ready Pants

If you are planning an adventurous day in Alaska, such as visiting a glacier, or skiing, you will need to have adequate clothes. An essential part of your clothing is snow-ready pants.

The idea is to pick one that are durable, comfortable and can keep you warm. It is also vital that they are resistant to water so that you won’t get wet.

3.    Socks

We are still sticking to the basics and underlining their importance. The chances are you will be wearing socks, but if you are in Alaska, you should go for those that secure excellent warmth and breathability. We’ve conducted a list of the best waterproof socks to wear while you’re traveling to keep your feet dry and warm.

Although you may think cotton is a great choice, you should go with wool, synthetic, or blends. The main idea is to keep your feet dry as wet feet are a shortcut to a cold.

4.    Boots

You may go with classic sneakers and shoes if you are sure it is not going to rain, but if you are going on hiking, you may be better off with reliable boots.

Once again, crucial words are water resistance. If you step into a stream or a puddle, or if you have to walk through the snow, you want your socks and feet to stay dry. That is not an easy task, but a trustworthy pair of boots should do the trick.

5.    Jacket

Yes, you should have a jacket in Alaska regardless of the season. It is difficult to predict the weather in this state. You may find yourself in the middle of a heat wave during the winter, but you can also experience temperatures way below zero.

It is why you need a jacket that will keep you warm. If you also want a clothing piece that will be light and easy to pack, a parka can be a good choice.

6.    Beanie

Apart from keeping your body warm, it is essential to protect your head. You can count on the best beanies out there to provide optimal warmth while contributing to your overall appearance, too. One of our favorite beanies is the affordable waterproof beanie gradient blue by Dexshell. 

Beanies are comfortable to wear and are a great choice when spending a long time outdoors. They are made of breathable materials that can provide a high insulation level, such as wool and acrylic. It doesn’t matter if you have hair or not; beanies should be an essential accessory in every Alaska clothing combination.

7.    Gloves

Finally, you want to protect your hands, too. Furthermore, the chances are your hands get cold quickly when the temperature falls below zero. Instead of keeping your hands in your pockets all the time, you can wear mittens or gloves.

Moreover, you may want to consider taking both to Alaska. If you want to look fashionable, leather gloves can be a great choice. But during chilly periods, you need to stay warm, which is why you need breathable gloves made of premium materials.

8.    Sunglasses

Here is an accessory that gets upgraded to a vital clothing item in Alaska. For starters, you may not be used to snow, and there is plenty of it in this state during the winter. Additionally, the low-angled Sun during the winter may be a problem for your eyes.

Alaska is beautiful, and you can’t stay inside the entire day, which is why sunglasses are the right way to go. Not only you will avoid snow blindness, but you will also ensure that your eyes are protected from UV rays.

Other Accessories You Should Consider

If you thought you are done packing for Alaska, think again! Here are some other things that should find their way into your packing list:

·         Sunscreen – it’s not that you should be particularly worried about Sun intensity, but you should know that days are long in Alaska in the summer. A daily hike can lead to sunburns, which is why it is vital to stay protected.

·         Bug repellent – the situation is not as bad as some people claim, but bugs and insects can be a problem in this state, too. Mosquitos are particularly irritating, which is why you may want to consider applying an efficient repellent.

·         Backpack and suitcase – a suitcase is necessary to pack all your things when coming to Alaska. On the other hand, a backpack can be essential for daily hikes and trips as you can pack additional clothes and accessories to be ready for any weather change.

·         Camera – you want to capture all those amazing experiences from Alaska. An action camera can be a great choice, too, but if you don’t have one, even a smartphone will do.

The Bottom Line

If you are heading to Alaska, you want to ensure that you have enough layers of clothing for different weather conditions. You want to stay comfortable, but it is also important to remain warm and dry. As long as you choose the right clothing items and accessories, all your body parts should be protected, and you can maximize your experience of spending time in Alaska!

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