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What Is a Full-Service Digital Agency and How They Help Your Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is one of the most integral roles your business needs to fulfill.

49% of organizations still don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy. There are a few possible reasons why, one of which is all the roles that digital marketing encompasses.

Digital marketing can easily be divided by the individual tasks needed to increase a business’ digital exposure. Examples include SEO, SEM, PPC, social media marketing, branding, mobile marketing, and even web design.

Fortunately, a full-service digital agency can help fulfill all these roles. Here’s everything you need to know about a digital agency and how they can help your campaign.

What Is a Full-Service Digital Agency?

Unlike an agency that help you fulfill one role, a full-service digital agency can help you handle every digital marketing role. They do this by hiring a team of experts in each digital marketing niche.

For companies who need full-scale marketing services on every label, a full-service digital marketing firm is your solution.

Many services are flexible, letting you choose which tasks you need most. They may also make recommendations for your brand to ensure you achieve the best results and effectively target your audience.

Instead of outsourcing each digital marketing task or hiring a huge in-house team, a full-service agency satisfies all necessary digital marketing tasks. This helps save your establishment time and money.

In addition, the digital landscape is constantly changing. A full-service digital marketing firm pays attention to any changes or trends in marketing. They can adjust your marketing efforts to satisfy these trends.

When to Hire a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Are you unable to handle vital marketing tactics in-house?

While every business will benefit from a full-service digital marketing agency, some businesses need these services more than others. Here’s how you know you should hire full-service online marketing services.

You Need a Diverse Team of Experts

Unlike contracting a marketer or outsourcing a niche marketing team, a full-service agency provides a whole team of experts in every niche of digital marketing.

Whether you’re working on a social media marketing campaign or improving your search traffic, you’ll have a full house of talented marketing professionals at your disposal.

You Need to Promote Your Brand Across Many Channels

“Digital marketing” doesn’t aim to promote your brand in one place.

Digital marketing uses the power of search engines, social media, and other forms of advertising to increase brand awareness.

A full-service team helps promote your brand across every channel. They make sure that every aspect of your marketing is successful.

You’re New to Digital Marketing

Let’s face it; not all us are marketing experts.

This means your marketing efforts won’t be as successful. When you trust a full-service marketing agency, you can ensure your marketing is successful and you’ll notice growth.

You’re On a Budget

Outsourcing marketing services is cheaper than your other options. You don’t have to worry about hiring an in-house staff, paying for their salaries and benefits.

You’re also receiving marketing efforts on every level, not outsourcing multiple firms.

You’re a Small Business

It’s vital you start marketing as early as possible. Signing up for a full-service agency early in the game will ensure you get your brand and your message out there across all platforms.

As your business grows, your marketing will become better, and you’ll receive more success.

You Don’t Have Time to Handle Your Marketing

Running a business takes a lot of work and so does marketing.

Instead of trying to do your own marketing (and likely failing), you only pay a small fee and let the experts handle these tasks.

That small fee is cheaper than the time you spend on your own campaign because you could use that time to better manage your business.

You Need Ongoing Marketing Needs

Some businesses invest in a contractor or niche marketing service when they only need a one-off gig.

If you need consistent marketing efforts, the full-service agency will be right there with you. You can ensure your brand reaches all appropriate channels.

When You Don’t Need a Full-Service Marketing Agency

Whether you’re local or in a niche, not every business requires a full-service agency. Here are some examples.

You’re in a Niche

Do you have a specific audience? Is your business in an industry that is so segmented, only certain professionals have knowledge of your business?

Unless the full-service agency has experience and other clients in your niche, it’s best to hire in-house.

You Need Local Marketing

Do you mainly attract foot traffic to your business? Unless the full-scale agency is locally-based and also includes local marketing in their services, it’s best to find a locally-based agency in your area or to find an in-house professional.

You Only Need a One-Off Project

Not every business requires constant marketing services. Some only need a one-time project done.

One time projects are a common occurrence with many websites. A business may outsource or contract a web developer/designer to create or revamp their website.

You Only Need One Consistent Marketing Role

This slightly ties into the last point, but it doesn’t necessarily mean this is a one-time gig.

Rather, you may handle most marketing duties in-house, but only need to outsource one role. For example, you may have an SEO team in-house, but you need someone to handle your social media marketing.

In this case, it’s best to find a specialty marketing service that only tailors to social media marketing campaigns as opposed to a full-service agency.

Need More Business Advice?

Doing your own marketing is difficult. In addition, marketing has many roles, such as social media and SEO. This is why many businesses benefit from a full-service digital agency.

Between satisfying all marketing roles and putting your trust in a team of experts, your business will only flourish.

Do you need more business advice? Continue reading our blog. We offer lots of advice, from starting your business to being successful.

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