Only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of weekly physical activity. Most popular workout programs & Exercise not only keeps your body looking amazing but also boasts some incredible health benefits.

Even though most adults aren’t getting the right amount of exercise, more are harnessing the powers of fitness.

Celebrities are a large part of this. We see celebrities working out all over Instagram and they always post pictures of their incredible bodies.

Does it take the best trainers and a strict diet to achieve a perfect body? You just need the right workout routine. Here are the 9 most popular workout programs that got celebrities in shape.

Are you struggling to achieve fitness results or just need some fitness motivation? Kick your butt with these celebrity workout routines! And if you need more help, here are additional workouts from celebrity trainers.

1. Kim Kardashian-West

Kim K has one of the most famous figures in the world. Her hourglass shape is the envy of women everywhere. But does she attain her stunning curves naturally?

Kim K’s secret is one most woman wouldn’t consider — weightlifting.

Kim trains five or six days a week for as long as an hour or two. Weightlifting is also her secret to achieving her famous behind — she does this with deadlifts, squats, and lunges.

And don’t skimp on the weights! If Kim K can lift heavy then so can you.

2. Jennifer Lopez

JLO is 49 years old. But the singer/actress/dancer who is nearing 50 doesn’t look anywhere near her age. Her dedication to fitness is one of her anti-ageing secrets.

JLO is another actress who is famous for her rear but is also famous for her hardcore abs. What is her secret? HIIT. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training.

It’s a combination of intense movements mixed with low-intensity movements.

You can apply HIIT to several different workouts, from cardio to strength training.

3. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is one of the youngest and most famous supermodels right now. She’s a spokesperson for Reebok, and for a good reason. Gigi Hadid is extremely active. One of her favourite sports is boxing.

Not only does that help the model kick butt but boxing is an incredible upper body workout.

To work her core, Hadid does many different ab exercises and also does ballet-inspired exercises for more strength and flexibility throughout her whole body.

4. Halle Berry

When talking about celebrities who don’t look anywhere close to their age, we can’t forget Halle Berry. The classic beauty is 52 years old and is still a successful actress to this day.

She’s also in amazing shape. But her incredible physique doesn’t come naturally — she trains hard at the gym.

For those who follow Halle Berry on Instagram, you know she’s very passionate about yoga. Yoga not only improves your flexibility but also builds strength.

She also trains in boxing and Muay Thai, which is an intense Thai combat sport that conditions and strengthens your whole entire body.

5. Chris Pratt

We’re not only focusing on the women here. Many famous male celebrities don’t get their biceps and pecs for nothing.

Take hunky Chris Pratt as an example.

To get in shape for the film Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt followed a strict diet while using a combination of bodybuilding, cardio, and conditioning (Pratt used workouts such as the rower) to drop weight and build muscle.

6. Zac Efron

If the women aren’t drooling over Pratt, they’re drooling over Zac Efron.

This is because his muscles are mindblowing! Pinpointing Efron’s workout isn’t easy because he always changes his workout. This will ultimately achieve the quickest results because your body won’t become used to the exercise.

One of the key aspects of Efron’s general workout plan is he focuses on one or two muscle groups a day. For example, one day he will work legs one day, back and biceps another, and shoulders the next day.

This is beneficial because you’re putting your whole focus into one specific muscle group.

You also don’t need to take as many days off — as long as you don’t two muscle groups in a row, all your body needs to do is rest that muscle for a few days.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a classic Hollywood beauty. She is 46 years old and is in incredible shape. She practices the Tracy Anderson Method, a fitness routine created by trainer Tracy Anderson.

This combines a combination of muscle structuring classes with dance classes.

The key is focusing on building muscle strength while adding in cardio — the dancing makes cardio time much more fun!

Paltrow goes to her classes every morning and has stayed devoted to her routine for over a decade.

8. Reese Witherspoon

The blonde bombshell is another actress who never ages and who always looks incredible. For the longest time, running was Witherspoon’s secret to her incredible body and also her healthy body.

Lately, she’s been involved in Body By Simone. This is similar to the Tracy Anderson Method, except this workout also adds in yoga. This is why Reese has a toned body but is still limber, working perfectly for her naturally slim figure.

9. Mark Wahlberg

This list can’t be complete without mentioning Marky Man’s arms.

His secret is focusing on building his biceps and triceps. His method is actually a classic weightlifting method — focus on that muscle group from all different angles and using a combination of different lifting techniques.

For example, he will lift with machines and then further train those muscles with dumbbells.

This workout is not only effective but it’s simple. All you need is a gym membership or a home gym to get Marky Mark’s arms.

Get a Body Like a Celebrity!

From sports to weightlifting, there are many types of fitness & workout programs that celebrities love.

These are the most popular workout programs popularized by famous people.

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