Backyards are no longer simply places to banish the children during restless summers. Now they are centers for family togetherness and social events. Your patio has to fit the needs of your family year round.

Stuck for ideas?

Keep reading to discover 9 patio landscaping ideas to transform your bland yard into an oasis.

1. Decorative Stone Patio

The first step in beautifying your outdoor space is deciding on the patio style. A concrete slab slapped in the middle of a yard won’t do. Stone pavers or flagstone go a long way to adding visual interest to your patio.

If your heart desires an expensive look without the price, go for stamped concrete. This creates the illusion of cobblestone, brick, and flagstone without the time and money investment.

Stained concrete is a beautiful alternative to stone tiles. Using acid-based or water-based stain, a homeowner can transform the look of their patio. Stained concrete has a mottled or antique look that blends seamlessly with your decor. The final result depends on the condition and age of your concrete. Because of this, no two jobs are alike.

Consult a pro for the best results.

2. Add a Container Garden

If you’ve ever wanted to start a potted garden, now’s the time. Potted plants brighten up your naked outdoor space and make it more enjoyable. Hydrangeas, rose bushes, and begonias are a few beauties that thrive in pots.

Select different sizes of containers to add visual interest. The color of the flowers and pots can mean the difference between creating a calming or invigorating space.

To choose the best varieties for your patio decor, consult with your local nursery. Some plants thrive in lots of light while others need shade. Ask about which plants fit your climate best. If you aren’t interested in extensive gardening, plants that regrow every year are the best option.

3. Cover Your Patio

Create memories with your family by having breakfast and dinner out on the patio. To make the space more enjoyable, consider adding a patio cover. A well-designed pergola or awning can transform any outdoor space into a sacred oasis. Learn more about patio cover designs here.

Patio covers solidify a space and make it a dedicated lounge area. When you are creating an outdoor living area, differentiating spaces adds symmetry and harmony to the design. It adds visual interest to the vertical space of your garden and adds a sense of place.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens add an extra luxury feel to any home. These outdoor cooking areas offer a return of up to 200% on your investment. The return is better depending on where you live.

Typical designs include a grill, a sink, and counter space. Add a small fridge for a detailed touch.

A kitchen area built from stone gives a rustic and built-in look to your outdoor space. Polished stone countertops make dining al fresco feel like a resort.

Choose materials that are easy to clean and will stand up to inclement weather. The better the materials age, the more return you’ll get on your investment. It also means your outdoor kitchen is a space you’ll actually use.

5. Create a Border

Creating a border is a great way to separate your patio from the yard. In this way, you transform your patio from a concrete desert into a sacred garden. The patio is at ground level with the rest of the yard and can feel lost without a barrier.

Use a raised flowerbed or simply a short raised wall. Also, try planting trees. Foliage of different heights adds visual depth to the area.

The border doesn’t need to envelop the seating area on all sides. Experiment with designs that create a natural flow from one section of the yard to the next.

6. Stylish Furniture

There is no need to go with the traditional, uncomfortable, outdoor furniture. The right pieces will bring the comforts of the inside, outside. Many companies make furniture with weather-friendly materials. Grab colorful accent pillows that match your decor. To extend their life, throw them in an outdoor chest during bad weather.

Don’t be afraid to release your inner child. A new trend in patios is to include swings for your guests to sit on instead of traditional chairs.

With these, you might just make your outdoor living room your favorite room in the house.

7. Patio Landscaping on a Budget

Sometimes, building the backyard of your dreams takes creative budgeting. That’s when you have to decide where to splurge versus where save.

For example, maybe you have your heart set on a covered garden. If this is the most important element, save on expensive pavers, plants, and decorations.

Like we mentioned above, swap the more expensive pavers for stamped or stained concrete. Choose perennial ground covers instead of flowers.

Mulch is an attractive staple in backyards that cut down on watering and weeding needs. To save money on it, try alternatives like grass clippings, mulched leaves, stone, pine needles or compost.

Reuse old tires and mixed elements to create a unique backyard. Items you get from a junkyard or a thrift store can double as unique planters in your garden.

Finally, repaint old furniture and give the patio a good power wash. You may find that a fresh face eliminates the need to replace worn items.

8. Vertical Garden for Small Spaces

Don’t have the square footage? Why not go vertical?

Vertical design is a common interior technique for small homes. If you don’t have the floor space, build the skyspace. Doing so gives the illusion of more room.

Bring these indoor techniques outdoors with a vertical garden. Use a frame to plant different foliage. You may also try using a climbing shrub or ground cover.

Now your outdoor space looks like a refined work of art. Your vertical garden also doubles as a privacy screen from close neighbors.

9. Plant for Privacy

Speaking of added privacy, keep this in mind while designing your outdoor getaway. A pool and hot tub become uncomfortable features if your neighbors can look in on you. If you aren’t interested in fencing, try planting tall trees and bushes.

For a chic garden look, go with lattice and climbing plants. As the years pass by, you’ll gain more privacy and create a romantic privacy fence at the same time.

Create the Backyard of Your Dreams

Make your outdoor space your home away from home without ever leaving your back yard. Create memories with your family and host events all from the comfort of your garden. The patio landscaping you choose should reflect your needs and be an enhancement to your home.

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