A home renovation is an adventure that can easily go bad if the homeowner is not careful. There are a number of things that can go wrong during a home renovation that include budget problems, hiring incompetent or shady contractors, or something as simple as a countertop color that is not as attractive as you thought it would be. Before you start a home renovation project, you should be mindful of a number of key issues. 

Identify Your Goals

You will need a clear picture of what you wish to accomplish with a home renovation project before you purchase materials and hire contractors. Questions to ask yourself include are your renovation efforts intended to raise the value of your home for sale or increase the comfort of the home for you and your family. Identifying your goals and plans beforehand will guide you in your decisions regarding what renovations are needed and how much money you are willing to spend. 

Be Realistic

A lot of nightmares can be avoided by taking the time to understand what is and is not feasible for a home renovation project. For example, adding a laundry room on the second floor of your home can seem like a simple project. However, your budget can quickly blow up when it is time to figure in the plumbing upgrades that will be needed to put a laundry room in this location. A quick consultation with a contractor or architect will give you an idea of which ideas you possess that are doable and which are not. 

Contractors Should Be Vetted

Many home renovators begin their search for contractors by googling building contractors near me. The next step is often reading through a few online reviews to see what others are saying about the contractor. More work will be necessary to ensure the contractor you hire will be right for your home renovation project. Things you should investigate include:

  • Licenses and qualifications. 
  • Liability and workers comp insurance. 
  • Lien and history judgement. 
  • Bond certification. 

You should also interview a potential contractor in person before making a hire to make sure his or her personality is a fit with your own. 

Test The Numbers

A dream home is called one because many times it will only exist when we are dreaming. If you are like most people, you do not have unlimited funds. Careful budgeting will be needed to enable you to accomplish a successful renovation project without putting yourself in danger financially. You should spend time carefully pricing materials and labor before beginning any home renovation project. 

The DIY Approach

Most home renovation projects should rely on professionals to complete the work. The exception to this rule is when you are experienced with the work being done yourself or the project is so simple that anyone could complete the project. You should also be realistic regarding how much time you are willing to commit to the project. Members of your family will not be happy with having to travel to another area of the home to use the bathroom for an entire month because you are ‘finishing up’ the bathroom that is most convenient for them to use. 

Timing Is Everything

Home renovations often run past the schedule homeowners establish for the project. The many causes of these delays include seasonal weather, back-ordered materials, problems with wiring, and sick or injured workers. You should be mindful of potential delays if you intend to have your renovations completed in time for a special event or in anticipation of visits from friends or family. 

Clear Space

In the days and weeks leading up to your renovation project, you can simplify the process by cleaning and decluttering the areas where the work will take place. If your entire home is to be remodeled, it may be a good idea to rent a storage pod or locker to secure belongings while renovations are underway. 

Consider Family Routine

Having contractors in your home to perform renovations can seriously disrupt the lives of you and your family. Before the project begins, you should sit down with contractors to talk about daily start and end times for work that will cause as little disruption to your family routine as possible. 

Be Mindful Of Child Safety

There are a number of safety tips to keep in mind to keep small children safe while your home is being renovated. You should be sure to restrict the movement of small children with child safety gates, use electrical covers, and store dangerous tools where children cannot reach them. 

The Bottom Line

A home renovation project can improve the quality of a home and provide the homeowner with a lot of excitement. However, there are a number of things that can go wrong during the process. A pleasant outcome is much more likely for the homeowner who keeps the nine tips above in mind before and during their home remodeling project.

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