Did you know that brochures are as effective as they were 10 years ago? If you are interested in creating brochures for your company but don’t know where to start, we are here to help. We have put together this short guide to help you design professional brochures that work.

Read on to learn our top tips.

Know Your Objective

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You have to understand what your brochure is for, in order to make an effective design. Once you define exactly what the purpose is, then you can work around that objective. Think about your brochure being a direct communication with your audience.

When your purpose for your brochure is defined, then you can hire a reputable service such as new era print solutions to make your design come to life.

Know Your Customers

As we mentioned earlier, business brochures are how you will communicate with your target audience. Understanding who your audience is and what they want will allow you to create a brochure that speaks volumes to them.

For example, if your brochure is targeting business people, you want to choose a design that has something to do with business and growth. If you are having trouble with your design, take the time to talk to your target audience via surveys or social media to figure out what speaks to them.

Straight to the Point


A brochure is not meant to be a book full of pages. Too much information in a brochure will work against you. Company brochures should focus on what will catch your target audience’s attention.

There is no reason to put all of the information about what you offer on your brochure. Instead, you want to say just enough to pique their interest and have them look you up for more information.


People respond to different colors. If your company has branded colors, then it’s best to stick to those so that when they look up your website or social media pages, everything is uniform across the board.

You can also use different shades of your branded colors to make the brochures a bit more appealing.

Call to Action

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What is the point of creating a beautiful brochure if you don’t tell your audience what to do next? Not having a call to action will cause you to miss out on sales. Give the reader a reason to get in touch with your brand or try out what you have to offer.

You can do this by offering a discount code for new customers or having them enter a contest online. The key is to direct them to the next action they should take.

Creating Brochures Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

As you can see, creating brochures just takes some planning. Apply our tips above and create a brochure that will attract the right people to your business and increase your sales.

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