The online traffic and revenue your business’ website generates isn’t where you want it to be. If this sounds like you, you’re not the only business owner facing this problem. What if we told you there was an easy fix, and the answer lies in your website’s design. We have created the ultimate guide to understanding and utilizing website design.

Keep reading to become well versed in website design and to answer the question of why is design important. 

1. What Is Website Design?

In the simplest terms, website design is how your company’s website is laid out and how easy it is to navigate. Website design¬†covers all logos, pictures, and text included on your site. Website design is the overall interface of your webpage.¬†

How you present and organize your text and visual content is the most important thing when it comes to website design. The way this information is laid out and how users interact with it is the overall interface of your site. 

The design matters because it’s the first thing a customer will see when researching your company. The¬†design on your site will reflect your business and can even convey to the viewer how you do business.¬†It can even¬†show how current and past customers feel about your business if you integrate it into the layout.

Essentially, a website is your virtual storefront and it’s the first point of contact for a possible customer or business transaction. Making a good impression from the start will secure you a client or sale. If your website doesn’t make a good impression it can cost a customer and revenue.

When designing your website keep in mind that useful and beautiful products attract customers. Your design should be easy to use while looking inviting. 

2. Why Is Design Important?

Website design is important because it’s a channel for you to communicate with your customers. This is the first interaction a client will have and it should make a great first impression. The design should be easy for clients to navigate while looking clean.

If a customer can’t find information promptly they will most likely leave and find another website. This will result in a lost business opportunity and even your competitors getting your client. Design is important because it helps you seal the deal and keeps business growing.¬†

The importance of website design is to create a well-built website that will generate more traffic than one that isn’t pleasing to view and hard to navigate. It’s good to keep in mind that a¬†good web design¬†can be the factor that helps you rise above the competition.¬†

3. What Factors Make a Great Website Design?

You know why having a nicely designed website is important, but what should be included in the design? A website that will keep customers has information instantly available and is easier to understand.

There are more items you should include on your site, but making it easy to understand and navigate is your top priority. Below you will find more aspects to include in your design.

Your Product or Service Should be Easy to Understand

When a customer comes to your website you don’t want them guessing and trying to figure out exactly what your services are. To avoid this, you should clearly state or show what services your company provides.

This can be a small blurb on the homepage a slogan positioned in the top banner. A picture can even be used to show what you’re offering.

Ideally, the marketing message should be the first thing a customer sees. Make sure it’s front and center and can easily be seen. This description should be no more than five words and communicate what problems you can solve or state exactly what your¬†products are.

You can even create a bulleted list that lists exactly what you offer or outlines problems you can solve. Sometimes lists are easier to read and can sum up your description in just a few words. 

The Design Matters and Can be the Deciding Factor for Closing a Sale

We cannot stress enough the importance of design and easy navigation when it comes to closing a sale with a client. The design should also be clean and look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This will be inviting for customers and they will want to stay on your page.

Make sure there is no clutter on the site. If you have a blog make sure posts are organized and not all over the page. 

Your navigation should be easy for anyone to figure out and use. Usually, a navigation bar that labels different pages is the best way to have customers¬†explore your website. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, a simple design that your grandmother can figure out is enough.¬†

Your Brand Should be Front and Center

When a client comes to your website they want to know it’s your site. The best way to have clients know it’s your business is to have your logo displayed.

It shouldn’t be hidden and should be easy to see. You can place it front and center on the homepage or at the top of the site in a header.

It’s good to keep in mind that if you use any logos for advertisements or brandings other than the website, the logo should transfer onto your site’s design and interface. This is so clients will recognize the business and know exactly who they are dealing with. Also, any color schemes associated with your business should also transfer to the website.¬†

The Homepage Should Have a Clear Call to Action

The homepage is the first thing a customer will see when navigating to your website. Use this to your advantage and put a call to action on the homepage.

The call to action should be the thing you want someone who is visiting the page to do. If you want them to buy something, post a picture of your latest item. If you want them to hire you, list your services. 

A call to action can be a button that directs the customer to a scheduling page. It can even be a picture of a product that when selected directs them to the product page. 

The homepage should also clearly display your logo and company name. A description that outlines your business and services should appear on this page also. 

The navigation bar should be easily seen on the homepage. This is your chance to get business, not turn them away because they can’t¬†figure out how to explore¬†the site.¬†

Visuals Are Important

It’s a known fact that people are attracted to things that look nice. Your website is one of these things. The importance of web design is that it’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the mind.¬†

Use good quality images and photos throughout the website. If the front page has a picture, make sure it’s eye-catching and high resolution.¬†

Pictures that compliment your brand and services can be used to your advantage as a powerful marketing tool. The customer will see the picture and instantly want it to be them.

Your pictures can convey the products or services you offer. It can also be a photo that shows the emotional effect of what you’re selling. If your products make others happy then show a picture of people smiling.¬†

Even having pictures of your team that depict their personalities can help get business. Clients will have an insight into who they are working with, adding a personal level to the transaction and your website. 

4. If You Need Another Reason to Have a Great Website Design Here it is: It will Help with SEO

Your website is active but you aren’t getting a lot of foot traffic. The solution to this problem could be lying¬†in¬†your website’s design.

Having a nice website design can help boost your site’s SEO. Many web design elements can influence how content is published on your website. Even some design practices can affect this.¬†

SEO is one of the many reasons why web design is important. 

This can affect how search engine spiders index and crawl around your site. If they can’t navigate easily then your page won’t be popping up in any searches soon.¬†The content published on the website does¬†help affect¬†this, but design elements do too.¬†

If you’re not too familiar with website design and have no idea how to make it better optimized for SEO just remember that the code should be SEO friendly. If the code is SEO friendly then your website design is.¬†

The best way to ensure proper and effective web design and SEO practices is to partner with an agency. SEOExplode SEO Company¬†is great for helping to make your website and the site’s code SEO optimized.

5. Customer Service can be Determined by Your Website’s Design

Did you know that when a customer looks at your website they can determine if you offer great customer service? One of the many reasons why website design is important is because¬†it’s your first impression for the client.¬†

Your website is the digital face of your business. It gives an insight into how you view your customers. If no effort is put into the website design the audience will think you won’t put effort into helping them.

Think of your site as a customer service representative. If it’s modern and inviting the clients well feel more welcomed. You will give off the impression that you are open to new customers and are willing to help.

This will lead to more viewers engaging with your page and buying your services. This is your ultimate goal and can help you gauge your website’s effectiveness by viewing customer engagement.¬†

6. The Way Content is Laid Out is Just as Important

Think about reading a book, it’s done from left to right, top to bottom. We are used to reading things, even webpages, in this manner. Actually, people are more comfortable reading things in this format.

This will be inviting for customers and make your website easy to navigate. Also having information in this format will help readers convey your message or marketing tactic. 

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to put your logo and the most important information in the left-hand corner and at the top of the webpage. This will increase your chances of getting a message across to visitors that will become customers.

This placement not only helps your business pick up, but it also helps with your SEO. You should include important and business-related keywords in these areas. When incorporating the keywords into the HTML-based text areas search engines will be able to crawl your website more easily. 

You Have the Basics, Now It’s Time to Create a Website

You now know¬†why is¬†design important and what website design is. We have also told you what to include on your website to make it welcoming and easy to navigate. You also know how to enhance your website’s SEO by making the site clean and easy to cruise.¬†

Now it’s time to enhance your website’s design. You have the tools to create a welcoming website that is¬†aesthetically¬†pleasing to any viewer. Go ahead and work your knowledge and watch your clientele rise.¬†

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