It’s hot outside. It’s the dead of summer and the mercury’s climbing. You’re outside, relaxing, and the sun starts burning your skin.

Can you get some shade? Can you enjoy your patio even if it is sunny outside?

Patio enclosures are the answer. These are shade structures that provide shelter from the sun. There’s a wide range of options, meaning you’ll find the perfect shade structure.

Here’s a rundown of the different types of patio enclosures and what they offer:

Classic Wood Patios

Patio enclosures come in various styles, from traditional latticed structures to glass-enclosed walled spaces. Popular patio enclosures and covers include screen enclosures, sunrooms, awnings, and pergolas.

Screen enclosures allow for a breeze but keep away pests and can be used seasonally and year-round. Sunrooms are glass-enclosed structures that enable natural sunlight to enter the area and create a pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Awnings provide an economical and stylish choice while allowing outside air to flow freely. Pergolas are especially popular for a romantic, outdoor setting and offer an open-air environment.

All of these patio enclosure types offer protection from the elements and a degree of privacy. Ultimately, the choice of patio enclosure depends upon your taste, budget, and desired amount of protection from the elements.

The Cost

Concrete Patios

Patio enclosure options come in various shapes and materials, making them the perfect way to add functionality and home upgrades. Depending on the type of enclosure, the cost can vary considerably. Generally, screened-in porches are the least expensive option, as they require less construction.

Aluminum frame patio enclosures can be slightly more expensive but also offer protection against the elements and insects. They also require more labor to install. Solid roof enclosures are the most expensive option but are also the most durable, providing excellent protection from wind, rain, and much more.

In some cases, you can find patio enclosures pre-built, which can reduce the cost significantly. It’s essential to shop around and compare prices when looking for the proper patio enclosure, as the cost of different types can vary.

Care and Maintenance

Covered patio

When caring for a patio enclosure, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. If you have an aluminum frame enclosure, wash it periodically with a solution that won’t harm the paint or powder-coated finish. Wooden patio enclosures need regular staining and sealing to protect them from the weather and general wear and tear.

Vinyl patio enclosures must be inspected for damage and be wiped down with a basic cleaning solution. Taking care of your enclosure regularly will ensure lasting enjoyment for many years.

Upgrade Your Home Today

The addition of patio enclosures can bring any outdoor space to life. Whether you’re looking for an open-air concept or a more private patio, there is sure to be a design to meet your needs and budget.

Pick a style that speaks to you, and enjoy the great outdoors with your custom patio enclosure. Don’t wait. Start looking at patio enclosures now for the perfect outdoor escape.

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