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2020: A Look at How Home Security Continues to Evolve

Worldwide, investment in the residential security market is expected to surpass $74 billion by the year 2023. With those kinds of numbers, it’s clear to see that homeowners all over the globe have a keen interest in protecting their property.

This need, coupled with an increased awareness from consumers and manufacturers alike of how rapidly advancing technologies can be used to provide superior protection, has led to some significant home security innovation. Here are some of the more exciting trends to watch for in 2020.

Smart Home Security Continues to Improve

Even 10 years ago, it would have been nearly impossible to fathom turning lights on and off, setting your thermostat or locking your doors all from your mobile device, but home automation made it all possible. And today, home security and smart home automation work together to provide added protection. Methods such as continuous monitoring, video surveillance, trigger responses and alerts to emergency personnel link up to make a safer home.

Integration Will Become Second Nature

Home automation becomes more burdensome and less effective if key elements such as smart home devices and security systems aren’t well matched. As the security industry continues to advance, more focus will be placed on making sure security products offer customers user-friendly systems with the ability to be interconnected with existing smart home devices.

One burgeoning example of this is smart home voice activation. Superior security camera systems now interact with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, by allowing you to activate camera features and access live or recorded footage directly on your smart TV using simple voice commands. Smart voice control makes home security more efficient and easier for homeowners.

Mobile apps are another way security companies are working toward a more integrated experience for customers. Video surveillance will easily integrate, and remote viewing will then be possible through a mobile app on the customer’s phone.

Artificial Intelligence Will Up the Ante

Though AI may still not be routine, it’s becoming more and more utilized in mainstream industries such as home security. The marketplace continues to experiment with AI in every realm, including cybersecurity and video surveillance. It’s a technology that can learn human behavior, recognize patterns and realize when something is amiss. Experts agree this type of intelligence can be extremely beneficial when it comes to tracking the routines of those living within a home and, eventually when paired with home security cameras, differentiate between a visitor or possible intruder using its facial recognition capabilities.

Video Camera Installations Continue to Rise in Popularity

In the past, video surveillance wasn’t a must-have with every security system install. However, today with at-home delivery services for just about everything, most homeowners realize they have multiple “strangers” arriving at their property much more often. This means leaning on new modes of protection, such as security cameras, to protect their families and homes. Features such as 4K HD-quality resolution and video search analytics increase protection by also making footage easily shareable to authorities and neighbors should a crime occur.

Invest Wisely

With advancing technology, seamless integration and higher rates of ease of use, investing in home security is becoming a top priority for more and more homeowners. But the key to successfully adding in this valuable protection for your home is to make sure you choose a trusted provider with superior-rated products.

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