Sex can benefit your life in many ways, from boosting your immune system to lowering your blood pressure. It can also work wonders for your mood and confidence.

However, if sex isn’t enjoyable, it can affect your outlook, relationship, and self-esteem. Life is too short for bad intercourse, which is why you must find ways to improve your pleasure and strengthen your connection underneath the sheets. Read this mini guide to better sex.

The Power Of Touch

The Power of Touch

If physical intimacy isn’t great in your relationship, touching could strengthen your connection. The sensual act can make you feel closer than ever to your partner while increasing your arousal and pleasure. Ask your partner to touch you gently or firmly to get your heart racing and ask how they would like to be touched in return.

A Soothing Experience

If sex feels difficult or painful, it’s a sign you’re not using the right lubricant. Vaginal dryness is a common issue for women, especially those entering perimenopause or menopause. You can choose from different lubricants to eliminate pain and enjoy smoother, softer sex. If you’re unsure about the best option for you, read this guide to water vs silicone lubricant to buy the right product for your needs.

Hit The Spot

Hit the Spot

If you don’t experience an orgasm during sex, consider trying new positions. It will not only make your romantic life more interesting, but it will increase the chances of your partner hitting your G-spot, and vice versa. Shaking up your positions could keep your sex life more exciting. Plus, it will increase your likelihood of physical intimacy with a partner and improve your skills in the bedroom. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Guide The Way

If your partner is failing to provide much pleasure in the bedroom, use a vibrator to help them learn about your likes and dislikes. Introducing adult toys into your sex life could boost your satisfaction in the bedroom, improve your partner’s skills, and increase your connection with your other partner.

Master Your Moves

Master Your Moves

If you worry you are making all the wrong moves in the bedroom, work on your technique. For example, you could attend a sex class to learn new and effective techniques, focus on grinding during sex and listen closely to your partner to discover what’s working and what’s not.

Take It Slow

Sex doesn’t need to be rushed. Taking your time in the bedroom can improve both your pleasure and make you feel connected to your partner. Give your partner a massage, kiss for longer, and stretch out the sexual tension. You could even build up to sex throughout the day by sending suggestive texts while they are at work or flirting with your partner before you become physical.

If sex isn’t fun or pleasurable, you must find ways to add more excitement and enjoyment into physical intimacy, from using a different lubricant to taking it slow in the bedroom. It could change your sex life for the better.

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