Netgear started in 1996 and was incorporated and bought by Nortel in 1998.  The mission of the company was to be a solution for consumers in their homes so that they were able to accomplish everything that they needed to at home without needing to head out and buy extra equipment.  For this reason much of the equipment is an excellent solution for the home such as small business.  After being purchased by Nortel it has now become a part of Cisco Systems and has become a solution which is able to make things much easier for all other users.  They have specialized in making certain that they were using the best security measures available to ensure that data is safe and is protected.  As a solution it has been very successful as well as very user friendly for many years.  Logging into your new router is easier that you might expect.  Logging in wirelessly is a very easy thing that will allow you to move forward with logging in and then moving forward with setting up a wireless network at home or a wired network.

  • Go to your internet browser and then type in or and you will then be at the user login screen.  The user name here will then be Admin and the password will be password.
  • After you input the credentials for this you will be able to click OK.  Then you will be able to log in as well if necessary to your router and change the password as well as the other information.
  • If you have any issues and need support there is support available 24-7-365 by merely going to the following address:
  • Go to and there you will find the instructions for wired and wireless solutions for home internet.


Log on today and you will be able to find all of the solutions to the many issues you may be having with wireless routers and be able to mitigate them.  Many common fixes such as what to do if you forget your password are all handled here.

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