Panera Bread is a chain of bakeries and cafes in Canada and United States that makes and sells fresh cakes, sandwiches, soups, bread, Coffee drinking and much more MyPanera card. Having been started about 30 years ago, the chain has continued to grow and presently has over fourteen hundred restaurants in Northern America.

About MyPanera Card

This is a plastic money card that is issued by Panera Bread to clients for easier transactions at their open chains. You can load the card in any of the MyPanera Bread stores so that you do not have to carry cash whenever you want to get bread or take meals in any of its restaurants.

However, when you get the MyPanera card, you need to activate it in the company website using the following instructions for create account.

The Process Of Activating

  • First you need a computer with internet. Then, go to the company site using the link
  • Locate the icon indicated “register To Join MyPanera” and click it for more details. Indicate you have a card to activate and then click continue.
  • The page will require you to enter the card number and registration number located at the back side of the card.  Click continue to progress.
  • Then, you will be required to provide billing number as well as information about account preferences. This is all you need and your account will be ready for use.
  • If you still have queries related to the card, you are advised to visit the MyPanera FAQ page by clicking

Benefits Of Using The Card

You no longer need to wade in the city with large amounts in your pocket for meals and fresh cookies. This reduces chances of loosing your money and even reduces your overall security threat.

The card enables you to carefully follow what you use for fresh breaks, cookies and meals. This will further assist you to avoid impulsive buying and grow and increase productivity.

If you opt to give to a close friend as a gift, it holds greater meaning because it can be recharged for frequent use. Your friend will consequently hold you at heart more when he/she reproduces it for use.


If you love hanging out at Panera bread, then using its care is highly valuable to you. You do not need to carry any cash with you and the card is better when used as a gift to people who like freshly baked products and coffee. Apply it now and you will really have great fun and get knowledge from our web guides archive.

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