Ping Pong or table tennis is an entertaining game that can excite you throughout the day. Whether you are playing it professionally or with your friends, it can be a fantastic way to spend your day doing something productive. 2 players usually play table tennis. Still, sometimes even 4 players can play it.

Regardless of how you will play the game, you must purchase good table tennis first before doing anything else.

Several ping pong tables are available in the market. Each of these tables comes with different features and build quality. So, you have to purchase the one which suits your needs and your budget the most. Now, let’s check out the most affordable ping pong tables according to your game room needs.

Budget-Friendly Ping Pong Tables

  • Smash 5.0 With Accessory Set –

Smash 5.0 with Accessory Set

This is one of the most reliable ping pong tables you can buy for under $900. It is made of a high-quality MDF-18mm thick surface, which helps you enjoy a fantastic game with your friends, and it has been painted blue. You can expect good stability and performance when your game is intense and nail-biting.

The in-built table compartments help you store small items like two paddle and a 3-ball accessory. The best part is that the table comes with a mobile design which allows you to set it up easily. The table is available in the following dimensions: 107.9″length x 60″width x 29.9″height.

  • Smash 3.0 With Accessory Set –

Smash 3.0 with Accessory Set

If you are on a budget but still want to bring home a Brunswick product, then Smash 3.0 is your best option currently. The table features a great 16mm thick playing surface that can last for a very long time.

The overall build quality of the table is robust and very sturdy, which gives you an incredible feeling whenever you play on it. Get the most amazing bounces and shot on it. Just like the Smash 5.0, there’s the ease of storage with this variant as well.

You get an undercarriage that helps you to store 2 paddles and a 3 ball accessory set. The Roll Away design helps you set up the table in a few minutes without too much effort. The dimensions for this table are 107.9″length x 60″width x 29.9″height.

  • Brunswick Table Tennis Conversion –

Brunswick Table Tennis Conversion

If you are looking for a premium and fun-to-use table for your ping pong practices, then this is the best option that you can opt for. This table is not only made with the best quality materials, but it comes with a great style. It is available in a sleek black frame, and the design revamps the entire appearance of the table.

The table is equipped with everything you need – paddles, balls, and a clip-on net. The wooden construction allows the table to last for many years. Also, Brunswick has offered 18mm thickness to the surface for reliable durability.

It also comes with heavy-duty foam padding to keep the table from any damage from overuse. You’ll be surprised to know that this table is available for less than $500! Yes, that’s true!

The Bottom Line

So, these are the top 3 most affordable ping pong tables that you can buy in 2021. The best place to buy is at Watson’s because they ensure that each of these tables has been certified with the best quality built and offers true value for money.

Do check out their website and purchase whichever you feel is the best for your use at home.

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