At least 10 million accidents go unreported every year. The victims of such accidents often think that they are okay after an accident. Whether you are injured or not, the traumatic event will most likely haunt you. Every accident requires attention. If someone offers to pay for the repairs, you will be tempted to shake hands and move on. It is never a good idea.

Here is a primer of how to deal with the aftermath of a car accident

Try To Be Calm

If an accident happens, you most likely will be jammed to the throat. You will be angry, shocked, and your adrenaline will be shooting off the roof. If you let the emotions carry the day, you will probably have to deal with more than the accident after that. You could even have an assault charge preferred on you. So, remain calm. Pick your phone if you can, and call emergency services. If you can walk out of the car, please do so calmly and stand aside. You can inspect the vehicle for damages, take pictures where necessary, and wait. If you are unable to get out of the car, beckon for help. You can always try to honk to alert the people nearby or other motorists.

Sometimes you will be involved in an accident alone by hitting an animal or losing control. It will be essential to call emergency services so that they can remove the car or the injured animal.

Seek Medical Help

Aftermaths Of Car Accident

Health is paramount. Do not just focus on physical injuries such as bruises and cuts; ensure that the doctor rules out for potential long-term effects, post-traumatic disorders, and internal injuries. A healthy person can pursue justice much easily, but an ailing person will be desperate to take any help that comes his or her way. Ensure that you are stable.

Call A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you need to file a claim for any compensation, you have to do so within the statute of limitation clauses. The timeline is of the essence. If you miss the dates by even a day, you will be unable to get the justice that you deserve. If you call a lawyer, you can be sure that they will handle all the paperwork on time. These lawyers will also deal with the insurance company, preparation of documents, record keeping, valuation of the claim, and eventually negotiations. Personal injury lawyers are specialists in that area, and you are unlikely to go wrong with them.

Call Your Insurance

The insurance company also needs to have a look at the accident scene or other reports where necessary. They will also want to do their analysis of the incident. Insurance companies will want to pay the minimum amount possible. Your lawyer, on the other hand, should ensure that you get what you deserve. So, calling your lawyer first is always an advantage. He or she will guide you in the process. Once you call your insurer, they will take it from there.

Prepare Evidence

Evidence in an accident comes from two primary sources. First, the accident report is often filled by the attending police officer. It has details of the preliminary findings, such as who was at fault. The other source is images of the accident scene, including the vicinity. Take pictures of other things that matter around the scene of the accident.

After a car accident, proving negligence can be a tedious process if you decide to take the journey alone. But you don’t have to because you can always entrust your case to an experienced car accident attorney. Also not every accident is caused by negligence. Some accidents are caused by other factors independent of the driver of the car. Technical and mechanical problems can also play a role. It is good to know what caused the accident so that you can understand who is responsible for paying compensation.

File The Claim

File the claim on time and ensure that you have included all the supporting documents. The insurance company will make an offer based on the level of evidence you have presented. If you compellingly argue your case, they will make a decent offer. Do not settle for decent offers, though. Only settle for the right offer. If the car needs repairs, ensure that the car is fully repaired. If you also need special medical attention, such as specialized surgery, ensure that the compensation is enough to cover that.

It is easy to overlook minor accidentsβ€”it might look like the best thing for you to do. However, it is always prudent to give all car accident deposition the same approach. In that case, there will never be surprises. You will always get the full compensation that you deserve at that traumatic time.