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Air France: Reducing workforce To Cut The Cost

Currently it is recorded that Air France has announced to shorten their workforce due to economical pressure. This is famous international Air Company providing their air traveling services to world wide customers. Now as whole world Is facing economical crisis due to inflation, this affects major companies a lot. Now companies are planning to overcome this situation. Air France was working with 69,000 workforces to provide best services but now company has decided to cut their employment. About 51,000 jobs at their end as announced to be cut at their end. Actually they has missed their financial goal in this year so, they have currently decide to cut the cost of employment.

When New reporter approached the companies owner they told him this decision is under discussion and they will soon decide about taking action on this statement.

Due to reduction in customer’s flying booking and high pricing of fuel cost effects their financial statement badly. So Company has decided to beat these financing threats. Company owner stated recently

“We are in a period of weak demand,” chief executive Frederic Gagey told a news conference. “We have felt the full brunt of the cyclicality of air transport.”

Due to this report company’s shares fall 3%, so company has decided to use low cost carriers because of high cost fueling. Now company is working with 6% less workforce.

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