“Alcatel-Lucent is owner of telecom equipment maker has decided to cut 10k jobs till 2015”

In details:

In second quarter reporting company recorded the loss so, the chairman has decided to cuts the jobs to save cost.

Company has made analyze that due to the cut of 64% employees company will put aside £750M by taking this action.

They ask their analysts to make the report for covering their loss in future and according to their estimate company has face great loss in five quarters. They planned to cut the salary cost by slashing the jobs and till 2015 save $1.4B.

Company has decided to raise its share by 2%, but it was quite difficult for the company.

Alcatel’s said in his interview as

“It is clear from the deteriorating macro environment and the competitive pricing environment in certain regions… that we must embark on a more aggressive transformation,”

This company has to face the strong struggle in a market with his competitor “Huawai Technologies” and “Sony Ericsson”. These are Chinese telecom industries and have great control over the customers in market. Day by Day their products demands are forcing the other companies to put their new innovative dreams into action to win the battle.

About 78k Employees are working with the company, 5k recent cuts has announced in July and after that till 2015 they will announce the further 5k cuts.

Company is now planning to not bear more loss so, their administration and HR department is busy in making a list of jobs that are enough for their operations.

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