Tobacco, asbestos, alcohol, processed meats, UV rays, radiation, and more are all commonly known carcinogens that we are taught to be cautious of. But what happens when a reliable organization like the FDA misses an ingredient in a popular over-the-counter medication that you trust?

For decades, Zantac has been on the market as a medication to treat heartburn. In April of last year, the FDA publically announced that ranitidine (the active drug in Zantac) is a dangerous carcinogen.

If you have taken Zantac in the past and are now have cancer, you may be eligible to partake in the Zantac cancer lawsuit

Zantac Cancer Lawsuit

Zantac Cancer Lawsuit

Lawsuits can feel daunting. Completing all the paperwork and answering a bunch of questions sometimes doesn’t feel worth it. But not to worry, this is what we’re here for.

While money can’t make up for what you have been through, it can help. It can help make up for medical treatment, time out of work, and most importantly compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured.

Ranitidine has a high content of NDMA that when combined with water creates a cancer-causing chemical.

First Steps

If you have been diagnosed with any of the listed cancers, and have actively used Zantac in your life, this is the first step to filing your lawsuit.

The next step in the process is to find a lawyer or law firm that can adequately represent you and your case. Many firms will offer a free consultation to see if they can represent you.

If you chose not to go with a private attorney or law firm, offers a free case review.

It requires you to fill out your basic information such as name, email, and phone number one of their Zantac lawsuit attorneys will contact you if it is determined that you have a claim.

Zantac Lawsuit Payout

Zantac Lawsuit Payout

Due to the magnitude of the Zantac class action lawsuit, it is expected to have a large payout. As mentioned, Zantac was a well-trusted and liked medication that was available for nearly 40 years before being pulled from shelves. There is a high volume of people that have used Zantac, so it will not be a cheap expense for the company.

As of Dec. 15, 2020, 550 lawsuits have been filed. Since settlements are still being recorded, there is not an exact number determined for the Zantac lawsuit settlement amount yet. However, it is being compared to the lawsuit of Roundup, which was about $500,000 per case.

Find Out if You’re Entitled Today

In terms of the timeline of the lawsuit, the statute of limitations will be based on the concept of product liability. This is used to hold manufactures and other distributors responsible for injuries or dangers from a product.

In most states, product liability typically has the same statute of limitation as personal injury lawsuits. This time frame usually varies from 4-6 years.

The first thing you want to do is figure out if you have a claim to make, and then to get in contact with either a private law firm or an attorney from the Zantac cancer lawsuit.

Don’t let a product you trusted hold you back anymore. Take the first step and file the lawsuit to collect the settlement amount that you deserve.

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