The most widespread marketing objective is to maintain high brand awareness. Businesses are trying to achieve it by using a variety of online channels, including websites, social media pages, and advertising techniques. Incorporating printed materials in the whole process will provide you with more opportunities to connect with people in a more personal way, leaving a lasting impression through actual connections.

To achieve a competitive edge and build your brand, you must utilize stationery that you can produce in quantity through wholesale printing. Many a time, it may happen that the amount of printed stationery may not be sufficient to fulfill the wholesale printer’s requirements. But still, you can use the services by placing your order through print resellers. Print resellers combine orders from several clients to meet the wholesale printer’s print volume requirements.

Why avail wholesale printing?

Why avail wholesale printing

It’s tough to define what qualifies for wholesale printing, as various printers set their rates and requirements differently. It is determined by the policies of the different printing houses. They choose the number based on the scope of activities that best suits their company goals. The wholesale volume, on average, usually starts at 10,000 prints approximately.

Other than gaining affordable rates, bulk printing enables improved color uniformity and the convenience of buying through print resellers with no minimum quantity limit. Small companies benefit hugely from the advantages of bulk printing without having to buy large volumes.

Wholesale printers do not serve the common people. But they can maintain the required volumes by taking orders from print resellers. Print-sellers, on the other hand, fulfill the role of mediator, easing the accessibility issues of the customer.

Cost benefits of wholesale printing

The situation is very similar in the wholesale printing industry. Wholesale refers to anything sold in large quantities, and scale economies help wholesalers to keep prices low by sharing cost savings with their clients. In wholesale printing, the cost savings are noteworthy because, for small numbers, a print that costs $1 in the United States can be as cheap as $0.10 per copy or even less, which may seem odd but is a fact.

The higher the order volume, the lesser is the cost of printing. The same holds true for the opposite. So, choose the print reseller wisely, as you will get the lowest price if the reseller meets the aggregate volume of the wholesale printer.

Color consistency

Color consistency

While performing the task of wholesale printing, printers must switch colors between jobs. Each change can affect the final color finish. Every color produced in a single batch, on the other hand, has perfect uniformity of color. Printers can maintain good color constancy for diverse clients because they arrange their work in such a manner that they obtain a high print volume of a single-color type.Β  Since the print is part of a larger print run of the same color, even if you purchase 6000 prints of the same color, each print will look the same. Customers concerned about color consistency in their printed stationery can benefit by ordering from wholesale printers through the resellers.

Place order for all requirements to achieve high volume

Marketing strategies keep changing from time to time. And so do the tools involved. Old products are changed or upgraded, and new products are launched in the market now and then to keep pace with the trend. In such cases, a company possesses a variety of marketing stationery but in lower quantities. Business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures – all come under the stationeries required for promoting a product or a service. Business cards are usually needed in larger quantities as the staff hands them to every client they meet. But the requirement volumes of pamphlets, brochures, or other types of handouts are lesser. If you club all the requirements, they will add up to a sizeable amount. Print-resellers will easily accept an order of such a volume. You too will get a good price.

Keeps the inventory ready at all times

Keeps the inventory ready at all times

If you place your orders in bulk, you not only get things at a low rate but also your inventory of stationery items remains full enough to get you going for the whole year. You only have to order once or twice a year to keep your stock of promotional items ready at all times. Doing so will also save you from a hand-to-mouth situation arising at the most unwanted time. You must try your best to avoid intermittent ordering as it will cost you more in the long run. You can evade a stock-out situation and prevent any disruption happening to your business if you maintain the flow of your promotional stationery items.


Hence, ordering in bulk has many advantages and gives you the peace of mind needed for the proper running of a business. You will be able to concentrate on other important tasks that need your full attention.

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