Being a self-publishing writer is not an easy task. No matter how successful you are, you will always question yourself, “How do I reach my readers?”. Fortunately, you can solve this with a little bit of effort.

A solid promotional plan can turn any product into success. A book is no different than a product. You have to know your readers. Knowing their age, demography, and buying habits can help your marketing promotion significantly.

Don’t worry if you find all these things a bit difficult. In this article, we have gathered some amazing book promotional ideas that will help reach your readers quicker.

1.  The Power of Social Media

Book Promotional Ideas

Nothing beats the power of free marketing. For this reason, social media is a fantastic place for holding promotional events. Facebook and Twitter are great places to reach out to your readers.

Boosting your promotional campaign can also be an effective way to market your book. You can reach an outstanding amount of people if you spend some money.

There are agencies that are specialized in book marketing. This can cost you a little bit extra but saves time. They will find the appropriate readers for your book and target the marketing towards them to get optimum value.

2.  Do Live Streams

Live streaming sites are an effective place for promoting your book. Do a live read on the first few chapters. You can use Youtube Red if you want to earn from your live streams.

Podcasting shows are becoming a popular form of promotional activities. You can ask a podcaster for the promotional read-out.

You can always try out on live radios if podcasts and Youtube don’t work for you.

3.  Free Samples

Giving out a free sample of the first few chapters is a proven form of book marketing. You can print the first few chapters on flyers. Either hire a guy for the distribution or ask shop chains to place flyers with the grocery bags.

It’s an enticing method because people tend to read flyers before getting in their cars. You can also use public transport for the promotional work. Place the flyer holder on the dash to make it noticeable.

4.  Setup a Blog

Promoting your book in a blog post can be a great idea. You can start promoting your book even before you finish writing it. Review your characters or plot in the post. Your goal is to create hype that will help get potential readers.

Seek help from SEO experts. They will arrange a perfect marketing plan for the book to appear more on search engines. Guest posting can be an alternate form to promote your book.

5.  Know Your Readers

Know Your Readers

You must know more about your readers if your book is based on a specific topic. Your target demography should center around entrepreneurs if it’s a business book.

Tons of self-publishing writers have failed for not understanding their target readers. Knowing your target readers can help you with the promotion. You can create a custom marketing plan for the maximum outcome.

6.  Use a Catchy Title

Using a catchy title helps you remember the name of your book. Things can turn out bad if your reader can’t even remember the book’s name. The golden rule is never to use more than five words for the title if you sell it online. It helps with the search.

There are exceptions but they are risky if you are a self-publishing writer.

7.  Catchy Book Cover

Hire a professional designer for the book cover. Recent studies show that books with an eye-catching cover are sold more than monotonous ones.

Check the designer’s previous projects before hiring. It’s important to know their creative approach. You won’t get a good result if they can’t understand your book. A good designer will always ask for a sample of your book to understand it better.

8.  Build a Website

Building a website is a great way to reach your readers. You can promote your website on various social media platforms for a sneak peek of the book. Hosting an alternate reality game on your website will significantly boost your sales. Maybe include a solution for that game somewhere in your book.

This promotional plan works for all genres. You won’t get much attention if the site is half-baked. But do get a good website developer.

9. Giveaways

Giveaways are a proven promotional method. You can host a live giveaway after the read-out session. It can be your own book or something else differently. The purpose is to increase your online presence. This alone can make people interested in your book regardless of what you are giving away.

10. Endorsements

Celebrity endorsement can boost product sales. But where would you get that money? Celebrity endorsement is not cheap; to answer your question, get the e-public figures. They are known for being famous on a small scale but with solid followers.


11. Approach Reviewers

There are critics and reviewers who can boost your reach with just one sentence. Reach them if you are confident about the quality of your book. A prime reviewer helped a writer reach his target audience back in 2019. It became a bestseller and received platinum stars.

Even if it costs you a little, get help from them. They can both help reach and create your target readers.

12. Get In Touch With Other Writers

Only a writer can help another writer. If you are struggling to reach your readers, seek help from another writer. There are writers’ groups on social media platforms. Request for a call-out. Give them a free sample for review.

13. Audio Book

Audiobooks are gaining popularity because of their form factor. It saves space and time. More importantly, it’s digital with a voice-over. Some studies claim audiobooks can create more engagement than reading a book. If you plan a promotional idea for the book, do give this idea a chance.


We know that promoting your book can be a nightmare. People will shut doors when you need help from them. But that does not mean you are helpless. Now that you know these promotional methods, drop that fear and make your book a bestseller. Good Luck!