Who doesn’t love cats right? They are cute and cuddly. It will be hard to find a person who doesn’t really love cats. If you also love cats, then at some point in your life you have dreamt of having a cat that looks like a tiger. Good news for you! You can actually turn your dream into reality. We have compiled a list of cats that look like tigers and leopards. Read the whole article to find your new favorite cat. Enjoy!

Cats That Look Like Tigers And Leopards

Here is a list of 13 cats that look like tigers and leopards.

1. Toyger: Cats That Look Like Leopards

Amazing Cats that Look Like Tigers And Leopards

The first place in our list of cats that look like tigers goes to Toyger. Though this cat looks like a leopard, this house cat is very calm and kind in nature.

Toyger is one of the newest breeds of cats. It has a short coat with leopard-like gold, orange, and black spots. It has a thick and long tail. The golden-orange spots on the body of Toyger resemble a leopard. This mini leopard looking house cat’s life expectancy is 10-15 years.

2. Egyptian Mau: Cats That Look Like Tigers

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau also resembles a leopard. They are fantastic runners and the fastest among domestic cats. They can run up to 30 mph!

Egyptian Mau is calm in nature and loves to stay in warm and cozy places. This house cat has some territorial tendencies and it does not adapt well to cold temperatures. Despite being a very fast runner, Egyptian Mau loves to stay indoors.

3. Bobcats: Cats That Look Like Tigers

cats that look like tigers

The 3rd place on our list of “cats that look like tigers” is the Bobcat (Lynx rufus). This cat is medium and muscular in stature. Bobcats originally are North American cats. They are grayish-brown and have black bars on their forelegs and black-tipped, bobbed tails from which they got their name “Bobcats”.

Bobcats are territorial and solitary. They are wonderful hunters too. They mark their territory with claw marks and deposits of urine. This cat looks pretty similar to leopards.

4. Chausie: Cats That Look Like Lions


Though we are discussing cats that look like tigers, this one looks like a lion. Let’s talk about Chausie.

Chausie is a cross between domestic cats and jungle cats (Felis chaus) and looks pretty similar to lions. This house cat is generally a bit larger in size than other domestic cats. As Chausie is a relatively new breed, it can be seen in various colors apart from its standard 3 colors: solid black, black grizzled tabby, and black ticked tabby.

Chausie is an intelligent breed and they also love to play. If raised with a dog, they get along with them too!

5. Bengal: Cats That Look Like Leopards

Bengal cat

These house cats are a hybrid between leopard like cats like Egyptian Mau and Asian Leopard cats. They have round heads with pointy ears along with defined snouts and strong jaws. Their golden shimmer, spotty coats, arrowhead markings, rosettes, and marbling make them look like a cheetah. And don’t forget their striking green eyes!

Bengal cats are very energetic and need much play and exercise. If you have one of these tiger looking cats in your house, you will have to spend a good amount of time with it.

6. Abyssinian Cat: Cats That Look Like Leopards

Abyssinian pet

Abyssinian cats have long and lithe bodies. They can be found on the roads of Egypt. These cats are very smart and loyal. They love to stay around humans and show affection to their owners.

The Abyssinian cats are one of the most ancient domestic cat breeds among the house cats. These leopard like cats are very active, energetic, and love to play. Anybody will fall in love with this cat that looks like a tiger.

7. Geoffroy’s Cat: Cats That Look Like Tiger

Geoffroy's Cat

Geoffroy’s cats (Leopardus Geoffroyi) belong to the South American group of cats. These small wild cats can be found in the central regions of South America. Their body features numerous black spots on generally a brown coat and they look like a tiger.

Geoffroy’s cat is about the size of a house cat and sports a short tail. The good news is that these tiger looking cats are not an endangered species and you can find tons of Geoffroy’s cats in South America.

8. Ussuri: Cats That Look Like Tigers


Ussuri cats look very similar to tigers or leopards. They originated from Russia and are a very rare natural breed. They are so rare that they are very low numbers even in native Russia.

This cat that looks like a tiger sports a muscular body but they are not huge. In their relatively short-sized body, they have vertically merged or solid spots with lines on the forehead and two or three bronzed lines on the cheeks. They have short and firm necks. Their legs are medium-sized paired with round paws. These features are distinctive to Ussuri and make them look like leopards.

9. Cheetoh Cat – Cats That Look Like Cheetah

cheetoh cat

As the name suggests, Cheetoh cats are identical to cheetahs. They originated in the USA and are intelligent, friendly, and inquisitive in temperament. They are pretty large in size and they love to stay active. They have spots all over their body making them look like cheetahs.

The life expectancy of this tiger looking cat is 1-15 years and they can grow more than 20 pounds. They are one of the rarest breeds of cats and also one of the largest. Though this cat looks exotic, they are not going to be fit for a new pet owner.

10. Ocicat: Cats That Look Like Cheetah


Ocicats are house cats that look like tigers. This domestic cat breed is very friendly and sociable. They love to be around humans.

Ocicats are larger and stronger than other house cat breeds. They have muscular legs and powerful paws. They have a bit longer head with almond-shaped eyes and a bit tilted ears. The most distinctive feature of Ocicat is their thumbprint-shaped contracting large spots. Though they look like a tiger or wildcat, they are so fond of humans that often they are called “a dog in a cat’s body”!

11. Savannah: Cats That Look Like Cheetah


Savannah is one of the largest breeds of cats and they look pretty similar to a cheetah. This tiger looking cat is a cross between house cats and a wild African breed called Serval. Savannahs are friendly and love to follow their owner. Even they can be trained to fetch.

Savannah has a tall and slim body thus giving it a large cat appearance. But actually, they are pretty light compared to the other breeds. They have a brown gold spotted tabby and these spots make them look like a cheetah. They have small eyes and large ears.

12. Serengeti: Cats That Look Like Cheetah

Serengeti Cat

Serengeti, another cat that looks like a cheetah, is a domestic cat breed crossed between two breeds – oriental shorthair and wild hybrid. This cat breed is pretty calm in temperament and often compared to Savannah.

Serengeti has a long and lithe body with large round-tipped ears. It also features long legs and a small and triangular face. The coat of Serengeti is generally rich gold coloring and black spots spaced widely apart. All these features make Serengeti look elegant.

13. Pixie-bob: Cats That Look Like Tigers

Pixie Bobs

Last but not least on our list of “cats that look like tigers” is Pixie-bob. This domestic cat breed is fuzzy, cute, and cuddly. They are popular for their sociable behavior.

Pixie-bobs are often very active and intelligent. They are so sociable that they often can be seen playing with other animals. They love humans and follow both their owners and strangers. These tiger looking cats are mostly medium-sized, making them suitable for pet cats.

So, Did You Decide Which Tiger Looking Cat You Are Going To Adopt?

All the cat breeds are unique in their own way. If you are not brave enough to adopt a tiger or leopard, go for one of these cats. You won’t regret it.

All the cat breeds may be cats that look like tigers or leopards but they are still cute and cuddly.

Now, go and decide which tiger looking cat you wanna adopt because there is a famous saying ”Time spent with cats is never wasted”!

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