American Express has been around since 1850 and is one of the most recognized brands on the market.  As it has been a part of the American consciousness it has also become a part of the international market.  Since the 1970s it has been a part of the international travel market, before credit cards American Express Travelers checks were the only checks which were accepted on the international market.  However in the 21st century the credit card giant has taken on new meaning as it has become one of the largest producers of credit cards and also gift cards.  They make an amazing gift card which is reloadable and has become a favorite of corporations everywhere as it has the ability to work just like an American Express credit card at any of the same vendors anywhere in the world.  If you have received one of these gift cards one things you really want to know first of all is what the balance on the card is.

  • Go to .
  • Click on highlighted slide marked “check balance”
  • Enter in the Gift Card Number.


  • Following this you will see the history as well as the amount of money which is available on the card.  After this information make a note of the available balance in a location where it will not be lost.
  • You will then have all of the information which is necessary to go out and to make purchases with the card.

Now that you have all of the history and the information which is necessary for your gift card you are ready to go and start making purchases with it.  You can come back and check your balance and information at any time and yet another wise idea would be to make a notation of the balance and the amount that is being deducted each time.  That way you are not estimating in your head as you are walking around but instead you know what your balance is at all times.

Enjoy your card and remember the ease of use the next time you need a present for a friend, they are easy to use.

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