Hearing loss affects about 1.1 billion people with more or less gravity grade. It can be caused by a lot of different factors like age, exposure to noise, genetics causes, etc. 

It is a very common pathology that will affect personal and professional life.  Some of these professions that are disturbed are doctors and nurses because they need its sense of hearing to detect the stethoscope sound. 

When hearing the sound of the stethoscope becomes a difficult work, it´s the moment to search for an amplified stethoscope. 

Some characteristics must have an amplified stethoscope:

An amplified stethoscope has to be adaptable to the most common pathologies:

  • Presbycusis. It is a progressive and irreversible bilateral symmetrical age-related sensorineural hearing loss resulting from degeneration of the cochlea. 
  • Conductive hearing loss. It occurs when there is a problem transferring sound waves anywhere along the pathway through the eardrum. 
  • Sensorineural hearing loss. This happens because of damaged or deficient cochlear hair cells.

The amplified stethoscope should be adapted to all needs with special frequencies ranges. 

1. The stethoscope must amplify the sound 

Its first purpose is amplifying the sound more than a traditional stethoscope. This is possible in electronic stethoscopes which possibilities to amplify the sound. Even more, it is very important to amplified low frequencies, because there are the first that people lost. 

2. Record, play and share the auscultation 

To save and share the sound to listen to it whatever the doctor or the nurse need to listen to the auscultation again. 

This way, it´s possible to send the sound to another doctor to get an immediate second opinion. 

3. Connect the stethoscope with hearing aids 

It is important that an amplified stethoscope is compatible with hearing aids. Not every electronic stethoscope is possible to connect with hearing aids. This characteristic is just possible with some hearing aids. 

There is an amplified stethoscope that allows doing all these things, the eKuore Pro electronic stethoscope. This stethoscope allows the following types of connection:

A. Jack cable connection

Jack + Headphones

Jack + interface hearing aids + hearing aids

Jack + cochlear implant

Amplified stethoscope for doctors and nurses with hearing loss

B. Wireless connection

Wifi + smartphone+Bluetooth + Hearing aids / headphones /interface receiver

Bluetooth transmitter + Bluetooth + hearing aids / headphones / interface receiver

Amplified stethoscope for doctors and nurses with hearing loss

3. Apply cardiac or respiratory filters

It´s very important to get different filters to differentiate lung and cardiac sounds. This way, it´s possible to focus the auscultation on the type of sound that we want to.

4. Interchangeable chestpieces

Traditional stethoscopes are designed for one kind of patients. eKuore Pro amplified is prepared for changing the chestpiece, which made the stethoscope perfect for every patient size. 

There are three different sizes: neonatal, paediatric and adult, which is perfect for paediatricians, cardiologists, physicians, pneumologists, etc.

The amplified stethoscope eKuore Pro is a good alternative for doctors and nurses who are suffering hearing loss. This tool will help them to hear the auscultation sounds successfully again.

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