Great sex is something that everyone should experience, and it is important to make sure that you and your partner have your needs met. Foreplay is an essential step for many peoples’ journeys to sexual satisfaction, and it can be a fun way to get you both excited and make your sexual encounters last longer, as well as help you reach climax. However, some individuals might have little experience with foreplay, whether this is because they are relatively new to sex or they haven’t engaged in it with previous partners. If you and/or your partner would like to introduce more foreplay into your sex life and you don’t have a lot of experience, here is a quick guide on foreplay for beginners.

Research The Different Erogenous Zones

Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are sensitive areas on the body that, when stimulated, can result in sexual arousal. While you might be aware of some of the more obvious ones, if you want to improve your foreplay game, then take the time to research this topic more thoroughly. You can surprise your partner by mixing things up a bit and delicately caressing or kissing them in these areas to help heat things up.

Ask Your Partner To Guide You

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While understanding where the different erogenous zones are will help, it’s also important to remember that everyone is different, and your partner might not like certain areas to be touched. Always ask your partner to guide you so that you can discover what turns them on and cater your foreplay to suit their needs. This includes asking how they would like to be touched, lighter or harder pressure, which area you should start with, etc. You can also vocalize to them what works for you so that you are both satisfied.

Invest In Some Sex Toys

Sex Toys

Sex toys are fantastic for foreplay, and they aren’t as intimidating as you might think, either. They can be used to work one area of your or your partner’s body while you can focus on another, or you might find that watching each other use them is a turn-on. Whatever works for you, sex toys can be a wonderful way for couples and individuals to explore their sexual desires and enhance their overall experience. Visit for dildos and other queer and lesbian sex toys, or look at similar stores that may cater to your needs.

Try Just Talking About Foreplay With Your Partner

Getting your partner to guide you is great, but if you are still feeling a little nervous about the physical act of foreplay, try simply talking about what you would do to each other instead. You can do this in person, over the phone, or via text message – either way, you’ll likely find that you both get turned on by this conversation, and it might even give you more confidence and encouragement to move ahead with your sexy plans the next time you meet.

Wrapping Up

Foreplay can be a lot of fun, and it certainly does help to enhance the sexual experience. If you would like to incorporate more foreplay into your sex life but are feeling a little bit intimidated by it, use these foreplay for beginners tips to help boost your confidence and enjoy it to the fullest.