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Approach Ancestry Canada To Upload A Family Tree

Ancestory started in 1983 and currently there are over 11 billion public records in more than 9 countries that have uploaded records to the websites and databases.  Since the advent of technology there have been many amazing ways to use public records to enable users to find and trace their past.  It is very interesting and informative to see who we are related to and to know what the history is of your family.  In the past it took a very long time to do this process and included going to the locations in person and looking through all of the records and looking to see what you could find.  In the U.S. and in Canada there are many locations which have made it possible to research all of the information and make certain all of the information is in a central location.  For this reason there are many different things and tools which will allow people to find out all of the information and then continue with the process of tracing the history.

  • Go to the “Family Tree” from the main menu and then click on ” Upload a GEDCOM”.
  • Click on “Browse” then choose the file from your computer.
  • Give the name of the Tree and then give teh description in box about your family and your tree.
  • Accept the submission agreement and then click on “Upload”.

Log in today and find out that you are related to and check out your past and you will be able to search and find your past.  After this you will then be able to find out the family history as well as all of the other information related to the family.  After this you will be able to go ahead and move forward with researching your family’s history as well as your past.  What would you like to know?

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