Did you know about the trending Apple release in September 2019? It’s the iPhone 11 Pro that is already out on the market. Aside from new iPhones, this brand also releases watches and iPads. But what is missing? It’s the other devices of this brand – MacBook and iMac. So, the question now is: What about those MacBook and iMac? Well, Apple is clever and this brand knows how to intensify its market by attracting its core customers. Before the year ends, for sure, this product will release some MacBook and iMac product lines.

Good news! Apple has a lot of iMac mockup products on the web today and the real iMac product lines are going to be released very soon. A mockup is the representation of what is supposedly to come out on the market. There’s an upcoming event this coming October and for sure, Apple brand will make this event historical and meaningful. And to think, every October since 2011, there is always a big event of this company as a token to their loyalists and users. The new iMac mockup template will be featured heavily for sure.

Usually, the October events would be held in the middle or the later part of the month. As to the exact day this year, it could be a Tuesday. If not, it can take place in a Thursday. Tentatively the dates will be one of the following:

  • October 22
  • October 24
  • October 29
  • October 31

Awesome iMac Mockup: What to Expect?

Let’s now put our mind into some expectations on the upcoming iMac to be released soon. In terms of color, you can expect Apple to issue a product with space grey color. This is the most prominent color among the different colors released by this brand in the past. There have a lot of iMac Pro mockups that have been loved and admired by many as they have this color. An addition to the feature is the razor-sharp edges. The design is wedge-shaped and it makes this machine catchy, powerful and elegant. The screen has nothing but an iMac’s 5K Retina display. The details and colors can clearly be viewed on the screen. The iMac screen of the mockups can show the content vividly. Plus, there is an inspiring design.

There is also another option – the iMac Pro 10 Isometric mockup. This choice can be customized to the design that you want. Some creators are packaging their isometric iMac Pro mockup, as the users can download and use this one together with an iPhone XS mockup. It’s in one package which is more wonderful and enjoyable. This is an impressive mockup choice that is available today on the web. Wanna have a Space Grey color like the one explained above? It’s possible. The customization process is very easy coupled by a very minimal design. For sure, it will stand out for simple content visualization and demonstration purposes. The appearance is really good and the users will definitely enjoy it. There can be a lot of freebies in this mockup option and you can have a PSD file to be downloaded with a simple and easy to follow workflow and convenient editable layers.

Another iMac mockup PSD that really catches the attention of many users is the clay model. In this particular model, the color can be changed to a new color as much as you want. It can be availed of in a simple way. There are a lot of creators of this mockup at present. And one of the creators is Ramotion wherein you can just download the mockup file that includes both Sketch and Photoshop files. The workflow of the mockup files are easy to execute and you can choose the simplest way as possible. For some, this is the best mockup option. The app designers, software developers, and product creators can attest to this claim. Of all the available mockup files online, this is the most visible one, so in terms of content clarity, it is as it is.

How about a clean-styled iMac pro mockup? Have you heard about this? Yes, it is available today online. The environment background is very minimal so there’s nothing to worry about any distractions because it is absolutely distraction-free. You can just simply change the design you ever wanted. If you can search this on the web, you will find out that it is packaged with several mockups in a single set and the environment background is unique from one another. Adjusting the mockup layer is possible depending on your need. It is possible for the reflections on the screen to be turned on or off. The images are surely in a high-resolution, definitely at 5000×3333 pixels. Scaling and sizing the images are therefore possible and easy with this particular mockup option. And the photo resolutions and quality won’t be compromised at all.

Free mockups with a responsive screen. The design of this particular mockup is exclusive for a responsive design. When we say a responsive design, it means that the mockup is quick to respond to the contents being viewed on the screen. In some available mockups on the web with this style, the users can also get some freebies such as iPhone, iPad, and MacBook mockups. All in one, in simple sense. Well, these are the common Apple devices known to many and providing several options in a package gives more convenience and luxury to the users. There is a professional smart PSD layer that can allow you to upload and edit all aspects in this specific mockup. Sounds great? Yes, it is.Back to the upcoming October event of Apple, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be released in no time. According to the news that has been spreading, it can be run with Intel’s 9th-generation Coffee Lake-H Refresh chips.  For now, the available iMac Pro mockups can be your partner for viewing content on the screen but it is also best for you to get the real and latest iMac and MacBook Pro products when they’re made available on the market anytime soon.

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