Apply company ask to HMV to eliminate the downloading feature from the new iphone App


Apply company concerned with HMV App for downloading music feature and ask to remove this feature for the users. HMV owner told that Apple Company has given them a time to change the App strategy till Monday otherwise their App will be suspended.

HMV has recently launched the App for Iphone and Android for the users to download music by identifying images and voice recognition software. Both Apps are available at different prices on the Stores.

HIS Master company was going through the financial crises phase , started its Apps to the market. After the great discussion Apple accepted the App for their App Store.

But now Apple has politely request to the HMV Company to remove the App to the Apple Store. However Owner of the HMV politely decline the request and told them they would change their App features.

With this App user can find their favorite albums within 30 seconds, and customers are enjoying this feature so much to enjoy the any track that they want.

By this App downloaded music track will automatically stored in ITunes and user can easily download the songs to their devices.

“It’s about the fact that there were two hundred million digital downloads last year and HMV didn’t have one of those,” said James Coughlan

This App is quite challenging for both Amazon and Apple store, and apple has traded 25 billion song through iTunes in February. Now HMV is considered the 5th biggest entertainment retailing company.

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