We can all agree beauty is in the details, right?

An individual’s sense of style is immediately elevated with details of jewelry, texture, and pops of color. A simple gold chain necklace can take a black shirt from ‘nay’ to ‘yay’.

If you’re someone that enjoys the little things in life, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about creating some custom embroidery patches. But what do you do with them?

Below is a guide on 5 uses for an embroidered custom patch. You didn’t think there were so many things you could do with one, right?

1. Advertise a Sports Team

Sports Team

Most people own a baseball cap. It’s easy to throw on when running errands, heading to the gym, or attending a sports game.

If you’re a sports fan, one of the best custom patch uses is advertising your favorite team. Create a well designed patch to place on your cap the next time you sit in the stands.

2. Promote a Cause

Is there a social cause you care about? Use custom patches to bring awareness to the issue.

Many activist groups create patches to support a greener planet, more inclusive social spaces, and women’s rights. Patches are great conversation starters and could lead to enlightening conversations with those around you.

Place the patch on a denim jacket or tote bag for people to see.

For an even more versatile way to show your support for a cause, consider a custom velcro patch. With a velcro patch, you can easily switch up the patch on your jacket or bag to match your mood or the occasion. Whether you’re supporting a greener planet, inclusive social spaces, or women’s rights, a custom velcro patch allows you to personalize your message in a way that is easy to adjust and change as needed.

Plus, velcro patches are a fun way to add a pop of color or personality to an otherwise plain outfit. 4incustompatch has a wide range of custom velcro patches that can be adjusted to fit your jacket or bag perfectly.

3. Support Your Favorite Artists

Support Your Favorite Artists

Another great way to decorate a denim jacket is by decorating it with custom patches featuring your favorite artists. These artists can include musicians, bands, illustrators, and even actors!

Create a logo or image that represents the artist you’re wishing to portray. Use the image on a patch for yourself and sell a few to your friends if they also enjoy the same artist.

4. Match With Friends

Speaking of friends, have you ever thought about creating custom friendship patches?

Call a meeting with your friends to design a patch. Search through types of custom patches online to gain inspiration and collaborate to make the perfect design.

Go the extra mile by placing it on matching bags or identical shirts.

5. Show Off Unique Interests

Show Off Unique Interests

If you have a unique interest, show it off with a custom patch.

Showing off your interests is one of the most exciting custom patch applications because it attracts people with the same niche interests. You’ll meet all sorts of interesting strangers while sporting your patch.

Create a patch to show your love for bugs, origami, or baking. The possibilities are endless.

Beauty in the Details: Uses for an Embroidered Custom Patch

For those who’ve been feeling crafty lately, now’s the perfect time to create an embroidered custom patch. There are plenty of applications for it, such as the ones mentioned above.

Keep the patches you make for yourself, hand them out to your friends, or sell them at a local market. You never know where a simple patch could take you!

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