Are CBD infused creams a scam or are they effective?

CBD which is another name for the cannabinoids that are extracted from the hemp plant is growing in popularity ever since its sale was legalized in the US and other countries of the world. What makes it popular and distinctive from the other compound THC present in hemp plants, is the fact that it does not induce any “high” psychoactive effects.

Being acclaimed as the next wonder drug, for curing a host of ailments CBD is available in the form of oils, tinctures, and even vapes.

While CBD is being globally recognized and acknowledged, due to its immense health benefits whether the same applies to products infused with it is something, people would really like to know more about.

One such product range is CBD creams, which are the latest introductions in the market with many brands and manufacturers, presenting their own versions of it. CBD creams are effective for pain and are thus prepared and formulated, to provide direct and fast-acting relief to the affected sore and painful parts of your body.

Apart from being infused with CBD, one can also find creams that have been infused with other beauty ingredients such as aloe vera, floral extracts, orange extracts, etc. to enhance their curing and healing abilities.

The relevance of CBD Creams

But, are CBD infused creams a scam or are they effective? This is a question that is foremost in the minds of people who are considering using it, to treat their various ailments.

The question is relevant since people are being engulfed by CBD wherever they go. Right from cafes that deliver CBD based lattes, to the spa’s where one can get a CBD therapeutic massage CBD is making its presence known everywhere, in what is being termed as an overkill.

In such a scenario, one needs to be better acquainted with CBD to understand its overall benefits. CBD primarily interacts with the endocannabinoid system, present in the body to help balance the body and enhance its healing process.

It can be consumed as oil or placed under the tongue as tinctures and even taken in a capsule form, wherein it digests and mixes with the bloodstream for health-related benefits.

Benefits of CBD Creams

As per the research conducted by scientists and researchers across the world, CBD creams and lotions have been known to provide relief in the following ways.

1. Localized Pain Management

Applying CBD cream directly to the affected spot in case you are suffering from back or knee pain, can help get immediate and direct relief from the pain. Once you apply the CBD based cream, it binds with the CB2 receptors in the skin to reduce the skin inflammation and pain.

Since pain is often associated with lack of sleep, people who use CBD cream for pain relief are also able to enjoy better and refreshing sleep at night, which helps them feel refreshed and energetic in the morning.

2. No side effects

Since the CBD cream is often applied to the top layer of the skin, it does not enter the bloodstream. Due to this, there is no fear of any side effects on applying it to the different parts of the body. One can therefore also use CBD safely in the underarms and other body parts as required.

3. Can treat mild skin irritation

CBD creams can be applied to the body in case of any bug bites or scratches for effective relief. The CBD creams also have anti-bacterial properties which reduce the chances of infection from occurring in the affected area, while providing relief from it.

CBD creams have also been found effective in reducing the swelling around the infected area and healing it faster.

4. Treating Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a very uncomfortable and painful skin disease that is caused by the excessive buildup of dead cells. Those affected by psoriasis, often complain about frequent itching and painful red patches on the skin.

Luckily, help is now on hand with the advent of CBD creams that inhibit the collection of dead cells on the skin, thereby reducing the effects and symptoms of psoriasis in people.

Given the shortage of suitable treatments for this highly irritating and painful disease, the potential health benefits CBD creams offer in its treatment is being appreciated all over the world.

5. Keeps skin looking fresh and bright

Many beauty salons and spas recommend the usage of CBD based creams and lotions, for its anti-aging properties. Since cannabis has strong anti-oxidant properties, it helps delay premature aging and keeps the skin looking young and fresh.

What also makes CBD creams popular as a beauty ingredient is the role it plays in maintaining the skin and treating any damage caused to the skin, by natural factors.

6. Reduces Inflammation

People suffering from arthritis usually suffer from pain, swelling, and inflammation in the joints which makes even simple tasks such as walking very difficult. CBD products are known for their impact in reducing both inflammation and pain, thereby bringing relief to hundreds of arthritis patients across the world.

Using CBD cream in the affected areas helps provide direct and faster relief in the affected areas and also reduces inflammation of the nerves, making it an ideal product for those suffering from arthritis and other pain-related issues.

7. Burn Treatment

CBD cream has also been found effective in treating minor burns and the pain associated with it. Using CBD cream can also quicken the healing process and reduce the inflammation caused by burns. It also helps soothe the affected areas and keep them free from infection.

8. Treating Acne

Apart from medical purposes, CBD creams are also being recognized for their benefits in beauty treatments. Acne, which is caused by the collection of dead pores in the skin, can also be cured by applying CBD cream in the affected areas.

Given these immense benefits, it is no wonder that CBD creams are growing in their popularity. Being easy to apply and providing immediate direct relief, makes CBD creams a better alternative as compared to CBD Oils, tinctures, and capsules that need to be ingested for the results to be visible.

Are CBD infused creams a scam or are they effective?

As seen from the numerous benefits of CBD and creams infused with it, one can easily conclude that CBD creams are effective in treating many different ailments. What makes a difference in the results is the quality of the CBD used in the cream and how long you use the cream as part of the treatment process.

While the ingestion of CBD products directly is known to provide better and longer-term relief, the role of CBD creams in healing the body and giving relief cannot be undermined, especially since one can apply it directly to the affected area.

To be assured of getting timely and proper relief from CBD cream, one should ensure that one buys only original and authentic CBD products, ones that are well tested like FabCBD, which has been reviewed by GreenTheVoteOk, and its coupon can be found here.

This ensures that one is getting the best and latest products available in the market at the correct price. Branded and well-recognized products also have their ingredients and the dosage of CBD within them, clearly listed, which helps you monitor your CBD usage.

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