All aboard the CBD train!

This rapidly growing trend has now made its way to the animal world.

But how do we know if dog CBD treats are safe and good for our pets?

Here’s some knowledge to assist you in deciding whether dog CBD is right for your pet.

How Does It Work?

CBD oil interacts with the nervous system of the body and helps to maintain a balance in the body and to remain in a healthy state.

CBD is great for natural immune system support.


Many dog owners have stated that CBD has helped their dog with pain and seizures.

Research is still being done, but it’s believed that CBD has similar effects on dogs that it does on humans.

It’s said to help treat anxiety, arthritis, seizures/epilepsy, and even cancer. CBD fights off free radicals to prevent cancer.

Side Effects

With everything comes some side effects.

Dry mouth in dogs would cause them to need more water to stay hydrated.

Low blood pressure in dogs could manifest as dizziness or loss of coordination.

Sleepiness is also seen in dogs with the calming effect that CBD has on dogs.

To avoid these side effects, the dosage needs to be watched carefully. CBD treats are still being researched and have not been officially approved for treatment.


If you’ve made the decision to make your own CBD dog treats, you need to be aware of when it starts to break down in the oven.

When baking CBD, it breaks down at 200 degrees and is completely broken down once heated to 350 degrees. So the baking temperature must be low and the CBD treats will need to be baked longer than normal.

Due to this effect on CBD oil, there’s no way to know how much CBD has survived the baking process.


CBD oil use in dogs has not been officially approved. With that being said, neither has the dosage amount for dogs.

To be on the safe side, the rule of thumb is one to six milligrams per 10 pounds.

If you’ve chosen to buy CBD treats, the amount of CBD should be checked per treat before giving them to your dog.

What to Look For

Organic is always best, as it’s the purest and contains the fewest additives.

Don’t go cheap, as the purest CBD will likely be the most expensive.

CBD products should have a certificate stating how much CBD they contain and whether or not they have any THC in them as well.

CBD oil will provide the best benefits and the dosage can better be controlled.

Btw, if you are preparing a diet plan for your dog other than dog foods, learn about their breed first and know if they should eat human food or not.

To CBD or Not to CBD?

There are always pros and cons to all supplements and with dog CBD being new to the game, it’s no different.

CBD has as many health benefits as it does side effects and caution should always be taken.

The uses and benefits of CBD oil are still being researched and new information is being released every day.

Check out our website for more information on dog CBD. You will also find tons of articles on cat breeds such as Black Bengal cats, Persian cats, Siamese cats, and much more.

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