Ariel Castro Will Serve Life Prison Under The Plea Deal

Ohio man who is accused of holding and raping 3 women captive at his house for around a decade agreed to one plea deal which will have him imprisoned throughout his life without any parole possibility.

Ariel Castro, aged 53, was arrested when one of those women escaped in May.

He abducted Amanda Berry, 27, Gina DeJesus, 23 and Michelle Knight, 32, from the same street of Cleveland between the year 2002-04.

He got charged against murder for starving and beating one of these women, who got pregnant, but then miscarried.

Following this hearing, one law firm which is representing the 3 women said that they were content with this resolution. Jones Day, the law firm said that Michelle, Gina and Amanda were relieved by that day’s plea.

In Cleveland’s courtroom in Ohio the Friday morning, repeatedly Judge Michael Russo warned Castro that he will never be taken out of jail.

Castro, unemployed driver of school bus,  said that he did understand his punishment and knew it would happen sometime.

Under terms of plea deal, Ariel Castro would receive additional sentence of prison of a thousand years and the property as well other assets belonging to him would be forfeited. He’ll be also classified to be sex offender.

He would die as prisoner though he would not face death penalty. That’s the deal he struck with prosecution.

Women that he abducted, raped, imprisoned as well as assaulted for about one decade would not testify in the court, thanks about guilty plea of his.

Agreement does protect him from any further charges along with death penalty.

Judge said that there were also plans of demolishing the house in which women were kept.

At hearing, Castro said to the judge that he was quite abused as child and also said, “My addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has really taken a toll on my mind.”

He got charged for 977 counts which included 2 for aggravated murder regarding illegal termination of pregnancy of a woman, and multiple rape and kidnapping counts.

The other charges also included felonious assault, gross imposition sexually and also endangering children.

These 3 women got abducted after they accepted car rides that were from Castro, according to police. The neighbours said that they didn’t think anyone lived in that house where women were held.

They got rescued from house after Ms Berry opened the door by kicking while Castro still was not in house and she was also aided by one neighbour who had heard her screaming and struggling.

When the officials arrived, they freed Ms DeJesus and Ms Knight, and also Ms Berry’s daughter,  6 years old, one who happened to be fathered by Ariel Castro.

It was in 2002 that Ms Knight at the age of 20, disappeared. Next year, Ms Berry vanished a day prior to her 17th birthday. Ms DeJesus disappeared in 2004 when she was 14.

While they were in captivity, a woman from these three became pregnant a lot of times and underwent multiple miscarriages.

A woman said she was really forced to help in delivering Ms Berry’s baby and also was threatened that she would be killed if baby didn’t survive.

Castro got accused of having these women chained to bedroom heater, a pole which was in basement and holding them right inside some van.

The prosecutors also told that Castro garroted a woman with vacuum cord when he caught her in her attempt to escape.

After some months following their release, 3 women showed up in one video, thanking public for support. Otherwise, they’ve requested privacy as well as speedy resolution of this case against Ariel Castro.

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