Most homeowners fear arranging their furniture. They say it is one of the most daunting tasks that they dread. If you are lucky and have an empty room, you need to have a practical plan in mind to arrange furniture aesthetically. This arrangement seems to be an overwhelming task initially; however, the following tips and the application of key principles will help you complete it in no time-

Tips to easily arrange furniture

1. Select a point that is focal to the center of the room – You need to assess the room’s focal point. Never underestimate its importance when it arranges your furniture and home décor. Sometimes, they pop up naturally. For instance, you might have a prominent fireplace, mantle, or window.

home décor

You need to search for them by yourself and bring in media units or even a television. Take your time to choose the focal point of the room. Once decided, stand by it as this is the point around which you will start to arrange your furniture.

2. Never push your furniture against the wall – The room size will dictate how you should pull your furniture away from the wall. However, if you have a small living space, you still need to ensure that your furniture pieces get a little space to breathe. For instance, never push your couch against the wall completely. Allow a few inches of space at the back of these furniture pieces and walls. Moreover, the couch cover collects a lot of dust and gets spoiled faster if pushed against the wall completely.

Never push your furniture against the wall

Contrary to popular belief, these few inches of space between the furniture and the wall will make your room look bigger. If you have a large space, you get the liberty to arrange your furniture in such a manner that the areas for conversation are created right in the middle of your room. In this way, you can leave several feet of space between your furniture and walls.

3. Consider the room’s traffic flow – One of the prime considerations of the room is its traffic flow. The last thing you want is to have people tripping over rugs and furniture like coffee tables etc. Think about how many people and how often will the room be used. Create a clear pathway for people to enter and leave the room without bumping into your furniture pieces or knocking anything on them down.

Consider the room's traffic flow

4. Use rugs of the right size – If you invest in area rugs, they come underneath the furniture if you can manage it. Even if you expose some of the floor around, it is fine. However, if you are using an area rug for the room, ensure that all the furniture in the seating arrangement is comfortable. The furniture legs in the front should sit on the rug while it is perfectly fine for the back legs to rest on the floor.

Therefore, when it comes to arranging your furniture, keep these simple tips in mind to make it a simple, hassle-free affair. Use them for every room, and you will find a positive difference to your home in no time.

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