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Arrive Alive: What Are the Factors That Cause Accidents on American Roads?

It’s approximated that almost 1.25 million people die yearly from road accidents. On average, this implies that 3287 deaths happen daily following road accidents around the world.

According to research also, people of age group 15-44 are the major victims to road accidents. Road accidents are ranked as the ninth leading cause of death globally. These statistics imply that road accidents account for 2.2% of all death cases reported worldwide.

Besides, fatal road accidents are highly experienced in both low and middle-income countries. It’s reported that road carnages account for $518 billion across the world.

Other than taking away loved ones, road accidents contribute to the increased numbers of homeless families. Road accidents are predictable and can be prevented, but then, what are the factors that cause accidents?

Something needs to be done concerning road accidents globally. Otherwise, it will be the fifth leading cause of death by 2030. Read more to understand the various factors that cause road accidents.

Here are eight factors that cause road accidents

1. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is the most fatal cause of road accidents. It’s also one of the most precarious causes of road accidents in the United States of America.

You should avoid driving under the influence of any drug or alcohol. It’s not worth taking the risk. If you are out for drinks with friends, consider requesting a taxi to give you a ride home.

Alcohol corrupts the ability of a person to function normally. Also, you can hire a sober driver to drive you home. It will ensure safety for you and your friends.

2. Distracted Driving

It’s the leading cause of deaths in America today. Distraction while driving is as a result of many things. Amongst these issues include; operating a phone while driving, eating, and reading as well.

Besides, stress and having many thoughts simultaneously contribute to distracting driving. If you have an urgent issue to attend to, consider pulling over first, then continue with the journey later.

Road carnages resulting from distracted driving accounted summed to approximately 4.5 million car crashes from 2010 to 2014.

You need to be attentive on the steering wheel. Avoid making calls, texting, reading, and distractive talks while driving.

3. Bad Weather and Climate

The major elements of climate that cause road accidents include rain and ice formation. During rainy periods, roads are slippery, making it hard for drivers to drive comfortably.

Sometimes, heavy downfall can make your sight on the road less clear. In such cases, it’s advisable to stay off the road until the weather clears up.

In case you must use the roads, consider driving at low speed. It will ensure you have safe arrivals to your intended destinations.

Note that car accidents resulting from bad weather are accountable for almost 16% of all car accidents. Ice formation on roads also causes obstruction leading to the occurrence of car accidents due to less visibility.

4. Over Speeding

Most young adults fancy driving in supersonic speeds. Well, it’s life-risking and causes painful deaths. Over speeding ranks as the second largest cause of road accidents.

Drivers tend to over speed, mostly when they are running late. There were 108,554 car accidents supposedly caused by surpassing speed limits when driving from 2006-2015.

Always keep in mind that driving at a very high speed denies the driver a chance to react to situations around. Consider driving under the legal speed limits- they must have been developed for a reason.

5. Stop Signs and Red Lights

Every driver using public roads must understand the meaning of each traffic light. Even though most drivers understand the implication of the Red traffic lights, some tend to assume and drive on!

You need to stop whenever asked to. Confirm from both sides of the road if there is another car approaching before proceeding. Research shows that most accidents occurring to the assumption of the stop signs happen mostly in the afternoon.

Besides, these accidents are more frequent on Fridays and less frequent on Sundays. Also, a lot of red light violations are experienced over the holidays. Many people travel to their family members while others to vacation during this period.

6. Careless Driving

Some drivers are totally reckless when driving on roads. You won’t be surprised to see one changing lanes too fast or overlapping. It leads to many cases of accidents on roads.

Some tend to be full of rage on the roads while others drive on the wrong sides of the road.

What is the hurry for? Take your time and be calm. Avoid being careless on roads and help prevent the occurrence of road accidents all over.

7. Driving at Night

Human beings are said to be poor in night visions. Ensure that you remain alert especially when driving in darkness.

If you are driving on roads without street lights, consider putting on full headlights. Unclear visibility on roads at night makes it hard for hazards to provide enough light.

Be careful on roads at night to avoid causing unwanted accidents.

8. Unqualified Drivers

For one to drive on public roads, they must have a valid driving license. Experience is also an important factor on the road, especially on busy highways.

Unfortunately, teenagers without experience behind the wheel flood our roads today. Driving is fun but only when it’s safe.

Ensure that your teenagers acquire defensive driving skills before driving on busy roads. You can help your teenagers learn more about traffic rules before letting them drive.

What Are the Factors that Cause Accidents and How Can You Prevent Them?

Road accidents cause painful deaths and leave eternal injuries on survivors. The list of factors causing road accidents is endless.

The factors causing road accidents can be addressed in various ways. Some of these ways include; increased creation of awareness of the effects of road accidents.

What are the factors that cause accidents? Understanding these factors will keep you alert while in a driver’s position.

Also, there is a need for proper legislation and firm enforcement of laws governing road safety measures. Damaged roads need to be repaired and potholes filled.

Check out our blog for more information on what factors cause road accidents.

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