Gone are those days when your DNA was just used to know your genome for ancestry or susceptibility to any disease. Now, you can get your DNA turned into a very personal art for your wall. Crazy, right? We all live in an information age where technology plays a key role in making everything we ever wondered turned into reality.

The same goes for our DNA strands. In DNA portrait painting, modern art meets science and makes a unique, innovative, and super-personalized portrait. You can hang or display that portrait in your bedroom or your living room, or your study room for the world to see and admire your very own piece of art.

A Customized Portrait Made Up of Your DNA

One of the key ways that make you different from any other person on this planet is your DNA. So, this valentine’s, you can make your close friends feel special by surprising them with their DNA portrait. This option is becoming exponentially popular for the people who take time for their loved ones and put a lot of effort into deciding the best gift for them. By giving them such a unique piece of modern art, you would be expressing the amount of love and affection you have for them.

While many companies are looking forward to discovering more about tiny DNA strands, DNA Art is combining art with genomes and making it a completely different form of art that is not unique but mesmerizing. It is discovering a modern art made from DNA’s functional beauty.

DNA11 is one of the most popular companies to get your DNA portrait done painlessly and effortlessly. They make mind-blowing DNA art for you with the utmost attention. Not just DNA portraits, DNA Art has a wide range of options for you to choose from. They also make personalized fingerprint portraits and kiss portraits. Wondering how it is realizable?


DNA art delivers a portrait kit to your doorsteps, which contains everything that will be required to get your unique portrait. The kit includes a cheek swab kit, which you’re supposed to swab your cheeks’ inner walls. They also send an instruction book along with the kit so that you do not go anywhere wrong. And they also have color sample swatches, wherein you can customize every inch of your portrait the way you want. All of this comes in an aesthetic metal box.

You can also decide the type of frame that would fit well with the interior of your home. They can either mount it in their unique acrylic ice or get it stretched onto a canvas, but they’ll make sure that no two pieces should ever look the same.

The most difficult part of this whole process is to finalize the size, shape, and color of the portrait, as DNA Art provides you with almost unlimited options to choose from. Nevertheless, you can also get multiple people on a single canvas and enhance the beauty of the portrait.

By using fluorescent dyes, DNA portraits highlight your unique strands and then photographs them carefully. Next, they process the digital image, apply the details and customize your portrait. The beauty of these portraits is that you get around 50 different options to choose your print and then seven more ways to get it framed.

The design preferences and color choices gave by you are always kept in focus while designing your portrait. The DNA strands are then amplified and separated according to the design specifications given by you, with an electric field. Lastly, they stain them with UV dye, give them fluorescent colors, and print them onto a canvas. You can make your loved ones feel special by giving them their DNA portrait that connects with them so much.

The resulting portrait is stretched on a canvas and contains horizontal bars lined with infrared colors. The deeper meaning here would be that if you recombine those bands together, you will get, well, you. And the fact that no other combination would produce the same results makes it more special.

Customized Portrait Made Up of Your DNA

DNA11 is known for crossing art and genomes. Another eye-opening suggestion will blow the minds of pet lovers. Yes, be it a weekend or a Christmas eve, a holiday tour, or you want to give your pet some extra time and make them feel special, you can show your affection by giving them their fingerprints portrait or DNA portrait beautifully curated by DNA11. All you have to do is extract some sample profiles of your pet, send it to DNA11, and then the company will make an amazon wall art out of it.

Be it a huge wall or a tiny one, DNA 11 gives you innumerable options to choose from for your personalized DNA, fingerprints, or kiss portraits. Hey, Do not worry! Their work is 100% authentic, original, and guaranteed. They’ve been in the market since 2005 and have created 10,000+ personalized portraits for people like you. So, hurry up and go on and buy your very own DNA portrait today!