In the United States alone, about 1 out of every 59 newborn children will experience an autism spectrum disorder.

Autism comes with developmental hindrances and covers a large spectrum. No case is exactly the same, but all cases come with obstacles to overcome in terms of social interactions. Individuals with autism and their families love any help they can get.

The good news is, many businesses are creating technology to create a better and easier life for those with autism. A lot of these technological creations and improvements are fun and don’t feel like burdens. Whew, what a relief!

Below are 7 ways businesses are improving and creating assistive technology for autism. Make sure to keep reading.

1. GPS Technology

Have you ever had that moment of panic in a busy grocery store where you turn around and your child is missing? You start having racing thoughts and frantically start checking up and down each aisle. Thankfully, most of the time, the child has just wandered off on their own.

Children with autism are extremely likely to wander off, sometimes in a full sprint. Whether their senses have become overwhelmed or they’ve stumbled upon another engaging activity, they may leave your side in a flash.

To help relieve this issue, some businesses are creating clothing with inbuilt GPS trackers. Not only does your child get the opportunity to rock some awesome clothing, you’ll be able to keep up with them.

If you ever feel alone in trying to watch after child, we know it can be scary. However, there are tons of people and organizations donating to the cause of making it better and easier. Read more here to learn about it.

2. Tablet Applications

Introducing and teaching your child with autism new social skills is greatly important for their social development and confidence. Being able to smoothly greet someone, play with their friends, and feel comfortable in any sort of social situation can benefit their happiness.

While face-to-face socialization is important, technology, such as tablets or iPads, can be used as great reinforcements and learning tools! The application store offers plenty of choices created by businesses to help introduce new vocabulary to your child.

If you need a second to breathe or your child finds enjoyment in interactive assistive technology for autism, let them play a few spelling or reading games. The visuals will keep them engaged, and it’ll give you a few minutes to relax.

3. Sensory-Safe Environments

While it isn’t necessarily new technology, some businesses are making modifications to allow for more enjoyable experiences for individuals with autism. For example, select movie theaters are offering showtimes with lower volume and brighter lighting.

Children with autism can become startled with loud volume and dark spaces. It can cause them to feel uneasy or afraid. This idea is perfect because many individuals with autism love exciting visuals without the typical movie theater atmosphere.

Even some Chuck. E. Cheese’s are offering times with decreased noises and brighter lighting. Children with autism love having friendly fun too!

4. Deep Pressure Therapy

Deep pressure therapy includes hugging or firm compressions to help calm an upset child. It is extremely useful with many children with autism.

Many companies are creating amazing assistive technology for autism using this type of therapy. Products include full-body blankets, snug vests, or comfy jackets with the perfect hug.

All of these products will keep your child feeling secure and safe and create a comfortable feeling wherever they might be. It’s perfect to bring along for stressful situations such as traveling in airports, going to the mall, or busy restaurants.

5. Speech Technology

Many children with autism are non-verbal. Therefore, they can develop words on their own and need assistive technology for autism. Luckily, there are products out there that can help.

Plenty of businesses are creating speech boards and software. Many of these technologies use large icons and pictures the child may press to generate pre-recorded audio.

This helps with mand training and daily communication. Just because they cannot speak doesn’t mean they don’t know what they want. It just means they aren’t able to verbalize their wants and needs.

If you already have a tablet, there are plenty of software options you can download that offer speech-generating technology. Take time to do your research and find what works for you and your child.

6. Tablet Mounts

With all of the exciting assistive technology for autism, it’s not any use if your child isn’t able to properly hold the tablet or iPad. No worries! Many businesses are creating simple pieces of technology to help your child.

May tablet mounts are able to hook up right to a wheelchair, giving your child plenty of ease when using the technology. You can also buy mounts to place on a table.

If your child has trouble keeping their head up, there are even mounts to hold up your child’s head to give them a greater view and keep them from neck pain. The simple things make the biggest difference.

7. Microphones

Even if your child knows how to independently communicate, they may have trouble projecting their voice. Businesses are creating microphones to help your child communicate clearer.

These microphones can be handheld, or if your child is unable to hold up the microphone, they can come as headsets. Simply place the set on your child’s head, and you’ll be able to hear them better throughout the day.

Incredible Assistive Technology for Autism

Children with autism are smart and creative. Sometimes they just need a little help in letting their voice and ideas be heard. The 7 above items are examples of wonderful assistive technology for autism.

Whether it’s an entertaining learning application on a tablet or a microphone headset, there are so many options to make you and your child’s life much easier. Little things go a long way with the overall comfort and confidence in your child’s life.

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