After FBI’s role is found out in the probe about Boston bombing, much concern is towards the successor to Robert Mueller, the director, whose term will expire this September.

Mueller is a former prosecutor and retired marine at US. At the time Mueller will step down, he would have completed second-longest tenure that any director of bureau in the history ever had.

Every time the position is about to be vacated in bureau leadership, from many years, the speculation about the next man on job skyrockets.

The names that are mentioned include Lisa Monaco, the counter terrorism adviser at White House; Cathy Lanier, the Police Chief; Merrick Garland, the Chief Judge at D.C’s Appeals’ Court and also James Comey, deputy of John Ashcroft, the first of the attorney generals for George W. Bush.

This appointment is now quite important.  Due to bombing at Boston and the regenerated concern regarding terrorism in US, next director of FBI could be much of a figure at national level like in 1930s and also 1940s, it was Hoover while the bureau countered mobsters and also espionage

The later Oklahama governor and the onetime agent of FBI, also being shortlisted as FBI director back in 1987, Frank Keating, told that international terrorism, domestic terrorism, and civil liberties will most likely be the agenda of whoever succeeds Bob Mueller as FBI director.

Much speculated is that seventh FBI director will also be some law-enforcement insider just like Mueller. It is quite likely that the successor might be someone formerly or currently be connected to the Task Force of Joint Anti-Terrorism at the FBI and that includes all the 56 field offices of FBI nationwide. It also includes the agencies of law enforcement at local and state level.

The latest speculation at press has been towards Monaco who is the former assistant to the attorney general of United States for the national security. He was names the top adviser of counter terrorism to president when John Brennan became director of CIA earlier in this year.

The Harvard graduate, Monaco, of 45 years, is known as Mueller’s Mueller. From the year 2006 to the year 2009, she worked under the respected director of FBI as “chief of staff”, “deputy chief of staff” and counselor.
According to the Washington magazine, the list could probably stop at Monaco, given how improbable the other people on it are. It further said that putting aside Monaco’s legitimate credentials, and the fact that her name has indeed been making the rounds over the past few months, there are these other people on this list who are not likely to want the job or be able to easily sail through confirmation.

History shows that the candidate much speculated for FBI directorship does not get the post always.  After Hoover’s death, it was speculated that President Nixon would appoint some Hoover protégé inside bureau for this job. The names most talked about were John Mohr and W. Mark Felt, the Assistant Directors. None of these could make it to the position and the President Richard had to get 2 acting directors prior to sending in Clarence Kelley’s name to Senate and then securing his confirmation. Clarence Kelley was the Police Chief of Kansas City.

When FBI director was named by Jimmy Carter in 1977, he asked the search committee made by him to bring forth the name of the best candidate. Out of 235 resumes, 5 candidates were shortlisted. The unanimous pick by the panel turned out to be Neil Welch, who was previous FBI’s Special Agent-in-Charge for the offices in Philadelphia and Buffalo.

It was once said by Welch that the best way FBI could be reformed was to sandbag bureau headquarters and rip out the phones.

But when the finalists were interviewed by Carter himself, he chose William Webster, the Appellate Judge of US. William Webster was director till President Ronald tapped him into running CIA back in 1987.

That means that even though loads of betting is on Monaco, no one will be shocked to find in September that some leading contender is chosen by the president for a significant appointment.

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