The designer brand market is booming, and vendors are taking it by the horns. Consumers also get large numbers hoping to get their hands on these luxurious goods. However, as the market is growing, there are many replica handbags similar to real Louis Vuitton or Gucci trending too. Getting to know the difference between real and fake designer handbag at times is a challenge. 

If you are a first-time buyer of luxury handbags, you might spend a lot of money on counterfeit products without your knowledge. There is a thin line between authentic bags and replicas, and if you are not careful, you might not even notice. However, if all you want is to know which is better, Maurielle Lozario talks about her experience with replicas here.

Availability Of Replica Bags

Trustworthy companies, like Louis Vuitton, produce a certain number of bags in various lines. They are then shipped to particular clients first which indicates that the bags is produced in limited edition and will not get to the market directly and the people cannot use the bags like any other bags. 

On the other hand, replica manufacturers produces their bags in large numbers, and all their replica handbags hit the market square. Therefore, everyone that cares to buy will find an opportunity to use without having to pull specific strings to get it.

Cost Of The Bag

Original designer bags are costly, and regardless of how much you are worth, it may be challenging to keep up. This bag wears out of fashion really quick and spending a couple of thousand dollars for a short term product is not worth it for some shoppers. Replicas come at a relatively fair price. 

However, some counterfeits are also cheaply designed and will not provide any subsequent services. Therefore, when it comes to the price unless you are sure that your replica has great quality, you might spend almost the same amount as for an authentic bag.


Most designer bags are made of authentic material, which requires maintenance and certain storage conditions. In the long run, maintaining the purse will cost you twice as much the price of buying several new authentic bags. For instance, a real crocodile clutch bag requires special cleaning and storage.Β 

The material should be stored in a specific room temperature to prevent moths and moisture. However, realistically speaking, you will not use this bag on your daily routines as it’s not compatible with your entire closet. Also, consider what happens if it gets scratched accidentally while you are on the streets. Such instances are enough to cause you a heart attack considering the price.

Why You Should Avoid Replica Bags

It may not be easy to tell if replica bags are better than authentic ones or vice versa. However, there are instances when buying a genuine bag is worth every penny as well as replicas. It all depends on the technicalities and personal expectations.Β 

Additionally, if you are an enthusiast in designer collections but don’t feel comfortable with replica handbags, you can also invest in pre-loved collections. This way, you will fulfill your desire for authentic collections and still save a few dollars.Β