Car dealerships have long found themselves in a bind. They want to have the latest makes and models on their dealership floor at all times, yet the possibility of theft is a financial risk that many are not willing to bear any longer. With the prevalence of employee and customer theft and vandalism, losses have mounted in recent years. Couple this with the fact that thieves are becoming increasingly creative with their methods and the reality that physical security guards are often cost prohibitive, and one can easily see how serious the problem has become. It is because of this that auto dealerships have begun to take safety and security to a new level.

What Is the Solution?

If you are in charge of security at an auto dealership, and noticed damage to your auto glass GSG has you covered.  You have also probably long wondered if there is even a plausible solution to the issue of crime on the showroom floor or lot. If you have multiple dealerships within your family, the answer to this question becomes even more difficult. There are simply too many cars to deal with at any one time. It is possible, for example, that a door could accidentally be left open at night. If this is the case, a customer or employee could return under the cover of darkness to potentially make off with a $40,000 vehicle before anyone detects that it is missing. And that’s not even to mention random acts of petty vandalism!

While GPS receivers have increased the possibility that stolen vehicles will be recovered, this is not always the case. Thieves today better understand how to beat these systems. In addition, many of the stolen vehicles are quickly chopped up into parts, making their recovery impossible. Still others are driven across the border or shipped to another country entirely, meaning that the GPS will be useless.

All of this combines to make the situation sound rather hopeless, but it does not have to be. Auto dealerships are increasingly turning to remote guarding a solution to their theft problem, and this is something that could very well work for you as well.

What is Remote Guarding?

Remote guarding makes use of technology to perform tasks that used to require humans at the physical location at all times. Using cameras and sensors, the system is designed to detect unwanted intruders at all hours of the day and night. In addition, the concept of remote guarding allows security personnel to remotely monitor and guard the facility without ever having to step foot on the dealership lot. This carries with it enormous potential. No matter if you are responsible for one dealership or three hundred, you will have an elite team that’s able to simultaneously monitor the activities across properties. This will allow you to take swift action if you notice something just does not seem right.

Even if a theft were to occur, you will now be able to backtrack the remote guarding system’s HD feed to determine what exactly happened. This is a teaching moment that will help you prevent such thefts in the future, while providing incontrovertible evidence during the claims process. In addition, it will increase the likelihood that you will find those responsible for the theft in the first place.

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