Did you know about 47% of people say they end up keeping a car for longer than they expected to?

Keeping a car is easier when it still looks brand new! If you’d like to hold onto your vehicle for as long as possible while still driving in style or keep your car looking great to get the best resale value, you need to hear the tips we’re about to share!

Continue reading to learn seven auto maintenance tips that can help protect your car for many years to come.

1. Get Regular Washes

Car Wash Liquid or Shampoo

Many people view car washes as a luxury when they’re truly a necessity. Without car washes, things like bird droppings, dead bugs, acidic rain, etc., have time to wreak their havoc on your vehicle.

As these things sit, they erode the paint and can eventually lead to rust. However, if you take the time to wash your car regularly, you can keep your paint in good condition, which helps keep the rust away.

If you can’t make it to the car wash regularly, washing your car at home is effective too. Just be sure to use clean rags and the appropriate soaps, cleaning solutions, etc.

2. Invest in Protection

Protecting your car from the inside out is the best way to keep things looking new.

One great way to protect the inside of your car is by using floor mats. When you install floor mats, you prevent dirt, salt, spills, and other problems from ruining the carpets inside the car.

You also might consider a steering wheel cover to keep fabric and leather from wearing away. Seat covers are essential if you have small children or pets and want to keep them from getting damaged.

For the outside, you need to get auto paint protection. If your paint looks crisp and fresh, your car will look 100 times better than if it’s rusted, faded, scratched, etc.

3. Keep It Clean

Keep Your Car Body In Pristine Condition

Your car requires far more than a basic car wash here and there to truly be considered clean.

If you can, investing in car detailing once in a while is wise. You’ll feel like you have a brand new vehicle once it’s finished!

If that isn’t an option, performing tasks like a detailer would have the same impact. If you clean the vents, polish the tires, wax the body, and vacuum the interior, it will look much better than before.

Even if your car is an older model, having it be squeaky clean can create the illusion of it being newer.

4. Replace Wipers

While windshield wipers might seem like a tiny piece of your car that doesn’t impact how it looks, they do.

When the wipers are worn out, torn, or broken, it can make the entire car look bad. However, with a small investment to get new wipers, you can make your car look incredible in comparison to how it did before!

Plus, when you deal with rain or snow, you’ll be thankful the wipers you have worked well so you can see the road clearly.

5. Choose Your Parking Wisely

Parking inside a garage isn’t just beneficial in the winter. It’s helpful to park there in the summer too! The sun can fade or crack the paint on your car over time.

If parking in a garage isn’t an option, you can still protect your car by purchasing a quality car cover.

Once you have one, it’s a matter of quickly pulling it over your car when you park it and removing it before you leave. Most people store them right in the trunk of their car for easy access.

They’re easy to use at home and can be used even when parking in public for long periods of time. The cover will protect your car from the sun and other things like rocks being kicked up by people, scratches, etc.

6. Replace Dated Parts

If your car lasts a long time before needing to be replaced, it’s great because it saves you money in the long run. However, an old car can look and seem old even if it runs well by.

For example, having a radio with a cassette player is one clear way to tell a car is older. Something simple like upgrading the radio can make a world of difference and help you enjoy the car more.

You might also consider upgrading the tires, headlights, upholstery, or anything else that dates your vehicle.

7. Keeping a Schedule

What is Best Time to Wash a Car

You no doubt live a busy life, so even with the best of intentions taking care of your car might end up on the back burner.

What can you do to prevent this from happening? Try creating a schedule for washing, light cleaning, detailing, and other essential car maintenance aspects like oil changes.

You’ll be far more likely to keep up with things if you have a schedule to follow. When it comes to keeping a car looking new, the most important thing is regular maintenance.

So keeping a schedule ticks off one major box!

Auto Maintenance Tips for a Fresh Vehicle

Regular auto maintenance is the single most important thing if your aim is to keep your vehicle looking brand new no matter when you purchased it.

If you follow the seven tips mentioned here, your car will undoubtedly look great! So whether you’re maintaining it to keep for yourself or sell for top dollar, these tips will help you accomplish your goal.

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