Driving your car around with a faded, scratched, or otherwise undesirable appearance to your vehicle’s window glass? Don’t you think it’s time to get a new window tint installed?

New car sales dropped by 3.4% in 2020, meaning that many people might be looking to pimp out their current rides rather than purchase a new set.

Because of this increase in demand for window tints, we did some research on what the national average cost might be.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn about the tint a car window price, as well as some information about what window tint can do for you.

The Type of Window Tinting Film Used

Ceramic Window Tint

The average tint of a car window price generally depends on the type of tinting film used. The darker the tint, the higher the price. The type of window tinting film used varies from ceramic, metallic, carbon, and hybrid.

All of these types of window tinting films have their own benefits, so it’s important to follow an auto window tint percentages guide and research them before deciding which one is best suited for your vehicle.

The Size of the Window Being Tinted

The average to get windows tinted can vary a great deal depending on the size of the window that is typically tinted.

Smaller windows, such as sunroofs, may only cost $50 to tint, while larger windows, such as back windows, may cost $100 or more.

The Number of Windows Being Tinted

The average price of a car window can also range depending on the number of windows being tinted. The front windows are usually the least expensive and can range from $99 to $129.

The back windows can range slightly more, around $149 to $169 per window. However, if you are tinting all four windows, you can usually find a package deal that can range between $219 and $399.

Don't Tint Windows Too Much

The Types of the Car

A luxury car will require a higher cost due to the preparation required before the tinting can be done properly. It will also require a different type of tint from other models in order to maintain the desired finish.

The Quality of the Film Used

The quality of the film used when tinting car windows plays a major role in the price. The higher the quality of the film, the more it will cost.

Darker tints are more expensive, as well as sophisticated films that offer heat rejection. Professionals will often suggest these types of tints because they provide better protection, last longer, and provide superior performance.

The Cost of Labor

The cost of labor is perhaps the main factor that affects the average tint of a car window price. The labor cost is affected by two main things: the geographical location of the shop and how much experience the installer has.

Auto Window Tinting

In major cities, the cost of labor can be higher than in rural areas, and an installer with more experience may also charge a higher price for their services.

All About the Average Tint a Car Window Price Today

Convenient and affordable, tinting the windows of your car is a great way to provide privacy and protection from sun damage. With research, you can find an average tint a car window price today to help you decide.

Although the cost may vary from place to place, tinting is a worthwhile upgrade for your vehicle. So what are you waiting for? Contact a professional installer to get started with your car window tinting today!

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