In 2017, it was estimated that there would be 1.2 trillion photos taken.

With cameras on our phones, we are taking more photos now than ever.

How many digital photos do you take in a month? Countless, right? Here’s the best way to organize digital photos and make clutter a thing of the past.

Digital Photo Albums

Making digital photo albums is the best way to organize digital photos.

No matter which smartphone or operating system you use, your phone probably has a way for you to organize your photos.

You could organize them by people in the photo, which Apple makes easy by making suggestions for you. You could also organize them by time or location. That way you will be able to find your photos quickly and easily.

Sometimes it is easier to organize photos on your laptop. You may want to take them off your phone and keep them there to better organize them into folders and albums.

Cloud-Based Service

Different cloud-based services can also be a great way to organize and save your photos. There are many options out there, like iCloud, Google Photos, Google Drive, Amazon Prime photos, Shutterfly, etc.

You can organize photos by folder and albums, and you will also be able to search for them.

Some of these services are great as well because sometimes they can even make a collage for you to remember your memories.

Label Photos

Labeling your photos will also be a great way to organize them.

That way you will be able to search for them easily. Before you start labeling your photos, come up with a way to consistently label all of your photos. That way, no matter what time you took it, you will be able to search and find whatever you were looking for.

If you put your photos onto the computer, you may even be able to and fill in information for the photo (like the date it was taken and the location) to help make your searching even easier.

Delete Extra Photos

If you have photos you don’t want or you’re not in love with them, just delete them. If you have fewer photos, it will make it easier to search through and organize them.

If you have duplicates of the same picture, just delete one of them. You don’t really need both, and not only will it take up space on your device, but it can also make it more difficult to organize.

One good way to organize your photos is by actually printing them. If you’re going to take good photos, you want to be able to see them often and not just whenever you decide to fire up your laptop again.

There are services that will print your photos that you took that month and make a small photo book for you.

Doing these will help you feel more organized when it comes to your pictures.

The Best Ways to Organize Digital Photos

These tips are some of the best ways to organize digital photos.

People take a lot of photos, but if you are taking photos for school or for your job, like being a social media influencer, you may take more than normal.
Read this blog to take the next step and learn how to organize and manage your social media better.

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