4 Awesome Reasons for Becoming an Attorney

Are you thinking about pursuing a legal career?

Becoming a lawyer is a huge commitment with law school and passing the bar poses a challenge. Your motivation will depend on knowing whether it’s the right choice for you.

That’s where we can help! Keep reading for these four awesome reasons for becoming an attorney.

1. The Wages

Lawyers rank as one of the highest-paid careers in the legal industry. It’s safe to say that most lawyers will earn a wage that is well above the national average.

The average salary for an attorney is around $126,930. But if you make it to the top, the earning potential is sky-high. Some of the best lawyers in the world are pulling in salaries in the million-dollar range.

But bear in mind it isn’t always big bucks, it’ll depend on:

  • The types of attorneys
  • The size of the employer
  • The level of experience
  • The geographic area

If you have an in-demand specialty and work for a large firm in a major city, you’re more likely to hit the highest wages. Those who provide legal aid within the public sector, well…don’t expect as much.

2. Diverse Areas to Practice

The legal industry has seen increased segmentation with a focus on specialization. This has led to a huge variety of legal fields and sub-specialties you can pick up.

You could make one area your main focus or you can branch out over the years into several niches. These include employment law, foreclosure, green law, intellectual property, and more.

The world is your oyster with this career and you can tailor it to your interests. Your legal career will be what you make it and it’s a chance to stand out from the crowd.

3. An Opportunity to Make a Difference

When you become a lawyer you’re in a unique position to help people or groups with their legal issues. Public interest lawyers will push for causes that better society. They also come to the aid of those who may not have the funds to pay for an attorney.

Lawyers within private practices offer pro bono work to assist the underrepresented. This includes:

  • The elderly
  • People with low income
  • Children
  • Domestic abuse victims

And more. In fact, many bar associations have a rule that an attorney must commit a set amount of pro bono hours per year. Legal careers are a great way to give back, stand up and make a real difference.

4. The Work Environment & Its Perks

Most attorneys work for the government, private law firms, or corporations. They’ll often get an office of their own with four walls. This means no more cubicles and chaos!

You’ll have all your attorney supplies like those found on There’s also plenty of support staff to help with the burden of legal documents. Other perks include box seats and sporting events and even gym memberships.

Becoming an Attorney Pays!

Becoming an attorney isn’t going to be a walk in the park, you’ll need to put a lot of hard work in. But if you have an idea of what you want to practice and specialize in, it’ll help give clarity and focus. That drive should get you over the hurdles you’ll face going forward.

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