Restaurant Renovation Ideas for a Grand Reopening

A remodeling project can do wonders for your business. Not only is it a smart way to upgrade your restaurant, but a remodel can also ignite renewed interest in your restaurant from both old and new customers. If you find yourself struggling to establish a remodeling plan, here are four areas you can begin renovations on.

Cool Restaurant Renovation Ideas For You

1. A Color Palette Upgrade

Switching up your color palette is a simple and inexpensive way to add new life to your restaurant. Colors have meaning, and the way you choose to use them can change your restaurant’s mood, significantly. Darker hues invoke feelings of intimacy, while lighter shades create the illusion of space and ease, especially when used within a confined space.

The renovation process involves a lot of debris. Paint splatters can land on bits of furniture, causing permanent damage to your valuables. Dust can settle on electronics and leave them permanently marked, and a rub from a ladder or pushing your furniture too hard can result in permanent scuff marks on expensive furniture. To avoid unnecessary damage to your belongings, consider renting a self-storage unit while renovating.

Reasons to use self-storage while renovating also include secure storage for your possessions. This is because the best self-storage facilities have 24-hour digital video surveillance systems, password-protected access, proper lighting, and smart locks and door alarms for added security. In this way, not only are your belongings protected from physical damage, but also security threats.

2. Online Ordering System

Online Ordering System

While we wait for restaurants to resume operating at full capacity, you may need to venture into online orders to remain profitable. In-house dining will not be enough to meet your restaurant’s monthly sales quota, so expanding your menu to include online food orders, such as deliveries and takeaway services, can be a great addition to your restaurant’s operations.

While takeout is still an option for most restaurants, most customers would prefer to have their food delivered directly to their doors. With this being the case, using a third-party delivery service can also be beneficial to your business. Delivery apps like Uber Eats can help you deliver food to your customers’ doors quickly. To gain more visibility for your restaurant, consider taking advantage of more than just one online delivery platform. Additionally, using restaurant online ordering software like Cuboh can help you sign up for every online food delivery platform in your area with the added benefit of seamless integration between your incoming orders, POS system, and delivery time.

If your restaurant doesn’t have an online ordering platform, you could be missing out on a huge target audience. This is because most customers prefer to make their food orders online, without having to pick up the phone and speak to someone on the other side. To grow those online sales, consider joining third-party platforms like Grubhub, ChowNow, DoorDash, and Postmates.

To boost restaurant sales further, consider adding gift cards to your restaurant’s website. This option gives repeat customers and potential customers a chance to buy gift cards now and redeem them at a later time when it’s a safer environment for diners.

3. A Comfortable Bathroom

Novelty restaurant bathrooms are becoming an internet sensation, and this has prompted restaurant owners to account for aesthetics in their bathroom remodels. Bathrooms are easily the most recognizable parts of a restaurant, and if your bathroom goes viral on social media, it can be a great way to get the word out about your restaurant. High quality geotagged bathroom photographs and videos can just be the “free marketing” your restaurant needs to attract a new customer base and appeal to repeat customers.

A simple way to turn your bathroom into the perfect social media backdrop (without compromising on taste) is by installing interesting wallpaper, mirrors, novelty sinks, and soft lighting. Lean into it by coming up with a fun custom hashtag for patrons to use. Playing to social media trends by encouraging your customers to take photos within your premises can also be a great way to increase traffic on your struggling Facebook page, for instance. This can also be the best way to store photos online.

4. New Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to every design project, and your restaurant remodel is no different. When selecting ambient light, keep it warm in color and just bright enough to ease movement. Task lights go well above tables. This is because their only job is to illuminate individual tables and provide just enough light to read menu items.

A simple DIY for task lights can include using candles or small lamps. Because their only job is to provide just enough reading light, you don’t need big light fixtures to achieve this. Accent lights do well to spotlight artwork or murals you may have on your walls. Layering these different types of light together is a great way to create mood and ambiance in your restaurant.

Small restaurants are more than the food service they offer; they’re also about the customer experience they provide. These easy renovations will help you improve that experience for your customers, growing their satisfaction and your business at once.

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