Conceiving at last brings so much joy especially for parents who have been eagerly waiting for the day they get pregnant. During the third week, the egg is preparing to disintegrate and form the placenta and the baby thus development and growth should follow in a few weeks. Every week of the pregnancy is significant and you will definitely love knowing what is happening to you and the baby at every stage.

Now that you are 3 weeks pregnant, the pregnancy is still in the early stages and you need to take extra precaution in the things that you do since overworking or straining too much can easily trigger a miscarriage. You also should ensure that you stay clear from the rest of the miscarriage triggers which are known especially during the early pregnancy. They include cigarettes and alcohol and also un-prescribed medications.

You might have realized that the basal body temperature seems to be higher than normal. The increase in BBT is as a result of the increased production of progesterone which is an important pregnancy hormone. It is responsible in making it possible for the egg to move and attach as needed and there is therefore nothing wrong with the increase in temperature. It is one of the early signs of pregnancy.

Another sign that might not strike you as much during this week but is a normal sign is cervical mucus that is clear. The mucus will be quite thin this week as compared to the previous week and will have a whitish clear consistency. The change is as a result of the uterus preparing to make it possible for the egg to implant and start with the necessary development into an embryo. The increased mucus also enables the sperms to head upwards towards the egg.

Even though most of the pregnancy symptoms are yet to set in during this week, you could be feeling abdominal achiness. The cramps seem to be similar as those experienced during a menstrual period and it is usually as a result of the released egg by the ovary. The lower abdominal cramps during this stage are quire mild and at times they could be too hard to notice or hinder you from going about your duties. Some women will experience this while others won’t notice a difference.

At 3 weeks pregnant, you probably have just realized that you are pregnant. The best thing that you can do in this early stage is begin preparing for the baby and for the possible changes your body will be going through. You definitely have heard about the numerous pregnancy symptoms coming with pregnancy and hence you should be gathering as much information on what is normal and what is not as well as the best ways of dealing with the symptoms which seem unbearable.

In as much as some of these symptoms can be frustrating, it is important to remember that careless intake of drugs can harm the baby and hence if at all you feel that you need a reliever you should talk with your doctor so that he can prescribe something that will not be harmful to you and the baby.

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