If being able to mold the impressionable minds of children is not enough incentive for you to take the plunge in getting a degree in elementary education, here are other reasons why you should go for it:

  • Job Security

The uncertain job market has many weighing the benefits and drawbacks of getting a college degree. This concern does not seem to alarm the education sector. In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees a growing spike in elementary-age student enrolment until the year 2028. This increase in enrollment will affect the demand for well-trained elementary school teachers. You surely will not be idle in the coming years.

  • Decent Salary

Teaching will not make you an overnight millionaire; however, it guarantees you monthly, steady pay. Elementary teachers typically earn an annual salary of $62,200. Public school teachers even get paid eleven percent more than the average professional worker. Moreover, years of dedicated teaching service assures you of increased pay over time.

  • Insurance and Pension

Not a lot of professions come with mandatory health insurance and pension. Teachers have comprehensive health plans since they need to be in tip-top shape to execute their duties well. Dental and ophthalmic care services are even part of their insurance. With regards to retiring, you need not worry because upon serving the required number of teaching years, a fair pension awaits you. You do not need to look for employment during your senior years. Your pension will sustain and cover your basic needs.

  •  Reasonable Work Hours

Teachers rarely pay for childcare services. You will not need to avail of the services of a nanny because your schedule will be in sync with your child. You will have the luxury of time to look after and bond with your child since your work hours conveniently coincide. If having a child is not part of your plans, you can spend the extra hours pursuing a hobby or doing worthwhile volunteer work.

  • Career Advancement

You have the option to further your studies and get additional training. Continuous learning is your ticket to a sure-fire promotion. You can apply as a school principal or venture into getting hired in government agencies or private organizations that address educational issues.

  • Lifelong Learner

Despite teaching a specific subject matter for several years, you still need to brush up on it every once in a while through readings, lectures, and seminars. Nothing is constant in this world but change. What may be true today may not be considered true tomorrow.

  • Impact the Future

You are given the platform to enlighten young minds and introduce them to the wonders and possibilities of the world. You can instill in them an undying curiosity to explore and go beyond expectations.

  • Vacation Time

Teachers do not report to work every month of the year. You would have months off to do whatever you wish to do. You can spend the time lazily unwinding in an exotic destination or productively preparing for the incoming school year.